Mantra Pencil Set

$ 5.00

The 'Mantra Pencil Set' comes with four pencils with phrases that we identify with. The pencils are standard #2, have no-smudge erasers, hexagonal in shape, measure 7.5" long, with gold foil stamped text.

Phrases included in each pack and associated color:

  • Rise and Grind (White)
  • Working for the Weekend (Grey)
  • Extra Sprinkles (Spearmint)
  • I Double Dog Dare You (Black)

Read more about our Mantra Pencil Set over on the blog.

(Behind the scenes commentary: The daily grind is brutal but we all must face it in the morning. Who isn't working for the weekend, really? Sprinkles are by far the best ice cream topping. And who doesn't think of A Christmas Story when you are thinking about a dare, we didn't go all in and call it a "triple", sorry.)

We can also customize pencils for you. E-mail us directly for pricing and details at or use our contact form

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