2020 UPstudio Monthly Planner Scratch and Dent Sale

$ 2.00 $ 32.00

Are you looking for the 2022 UPstudio Weekly Planner

When planners are delivered we flip through each one to verify the quality. Some of the 2020 UPstudio Monthly Planners arrived with some imperfections. All of these flaws are aesthetic and do not render the planner unusable in any way.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Minor scratches on cover
  • Slightly bent cover corner
  • Binding adhesive remnants on cover, folders, or end pages
  • Pages were incorrectly cropped
  • Small marks on edge of pages

Benefit from our printing/delivery/storage issues with this great deal!

Imperfections vary, we can not guarantee which you will receive.

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