Selling Out (In a Good Way) June 22, 2017 05:00

One of the many decisions necessary to run a business is choosing the right quantity of a product to be made that can then be sold to the public.  Each product is different, even if it may fall in the same general category as another product.  For each one, we do our best to look at trends and do market research before settling on a hard number to go forward with.  Quantity is a bigger decision for a small company, because we inherently have less money to gamble with, so every decision has to be smart.  Sometimes, a product doesn't perform as well as we'd like it to, and we have to cut our losses, but our gain always comes in the lessons learned.  

Because we offer seasonal and time sensitive products, these come with an even greater risk.  Our main product (if you're new around here) is a year-long planner.  Planner season typically runs from November through February, although sales are also consistent in other months at smaller quantities.  Stores want to make planner purchases at the end of summer, so to stay in the game, we have to have our product ready to go to print by the beginning of summer at the latest.  

We learned some of this the hard way - for instance, we didn't have the 2016 Planners in hand until mid-November, and that was a HUGE disadvantage, because we had nothing to market with.  The printing process took for-ev-er and we ran into some unexpected set backs in production.  We ordered what we knew was a number that would likely be higher than we would be able to sell, even if we had gotten them earlier.  We were right, but we were also able to use some of those unsold planners to help market for the next year.  Enter the 2017 Planner.  We have grown leaps and bounds from 2016 to 2017 and that is evident in our sales.  Sales have more than tripled in just a year, and we're surprised to see that orders keep rolling in, even almost halfway through the year!

This is the part of the post where we get real with our feelings.  WE WANT TO SELL OUT OF THESE PLANNERS!  If you love your 2017 Planner, tell a friend, because the price is also super low.  We have 49 of these babies ready to be shipped out all over the country (or out of the country if you're willing to pay shipping!)  After that, they are gone, and just in time for the 2018 Planner which is well on it's way!

And while we're on the subject of the 2018 Planner... we're ordering even more of those, with the goal of selling out again.  We never could have learned and grown as we have without your support, and we can't thank you enough.  Now do us a solid and help us get these last planners out the door!


Lessons Learned: Change is a Good Thing - A Branding Update June 15, 2017 05:00

When you start a business, there are thousands of decisions to make.  THOUSANDS.  For 2 Type-A perfectionists like us, (hi there!) this was exciting and daunting at the same time.  We wanted every decision that we made to be the right one, but realistically, it just won't work out that way.

UPstudio started with an idea - to create a simple, beautiful, versatile planner - and evolved into a line of high quality paper products.  Before we could launch our products and ideas, we had to make some pretty big decisions on how to present them, including finding a name for our company, and a logo that would represent what we do.  The name UPstudio has a deeper meaning than just the words themselves.  "UP" stands for "Ut Prosim" which means "That I May Serve".  This is the motto of my alma matter, Virginia Tech, and it's a standard that Mary Beth and I try to live by.  We are a small company, but we want to make a difference by serving (stay tuned for more on this later this year.)  UP is also a nod towards Heaven.  Mary Beth and I are both Christians and our beliefs are the cornerstone of our lives, and our company.  Studio is a direct take from our day jobs as architect and engineer.  The idea of working in a studio is that you're constantly working to make changes for the better.  Studio is playful and evolving and design oriented and devoted to studying.  It was only natural to call ourselves a studio instead of "company".

After coming up with a name, we worked to come up with a logo.  We evaluated a lot of different ideas, and eventually landed here:

We liked that it was simple, and compact.  As the initial designer, I felt like our logo needed to be original and not just look like simple text.  Fast forward 2ish years to now.  As you have probably noticed, this logo is appearing less and less, and you're seeing this one more and more:

There are a few reasons for this change.  One is simple logistics - the thin lines in the original logo are very thin.  The thickness of the lines in the text of "studio" match the thickness of the lines in the middle of "UP".  I loved how delicate they were, but printers hated it.  The lines were just too thin, and didn't always read the way that we wanted them to, sometimes even getting completely lost.  This made for an inconsistent logo (and a lot of heartburn with our local printer), and we definitely didn't love that.  We worked around it as best we could, but when it came time to create the 2017 Planner, we came to a crossroads.  We were intent on upgrading the binding and cover material to leather, and we wanted a simple deboss on the front and back of the planner - the back being our logo.  Well, if a regular printer was inconsistent with the thinness of the lines, the deboss was downright impossible.  This forced us to evaluate and talk about the logo, and as it turned out, neither of us was in love with it anymore.  Maybe we never really were.  As we continue to grow as a company, we're also growing and defining our brand.  This even simpler logo, while still designed, is more classic and more versatile.  

Eventually we will completely phase out the original logo, but for now, expect to still see a little bit of both of them during this transition period (and honestly, we still have products and business cards with this logo and as a small company, we can't just throw these things out!)  

We feel good about the new logo, like it's more us.  Sometimes it's hard to admit when you need a change, but then after it's said and done, the value is crystal clear.  Take a look at the evolution of the UPstudio website from day one to today:

Want to read more posts like this one?  Check out the Lessons Learned blog post series and learn with us!

Book Review: Bossypants by Tina Fey June 08, 2017 05:00

Is anyone part of a book club? Well, I am. I know, nerd. I think the best part (following the great friends, food, and wine) is that I end up reading books I really like that I probably wouldn't of otherwise picked.

I recently read Bosspants by Tina Fey and thought I'd write a brief review.

(Side note, I use Goodreads to keep track of the books I want to read, very user friendly, and there is an app for your phone.)

Bossypants by Tina Fey

I think Tina Fey did a great job with this book. Her goal was to just share her story. Essentially she hit the high and low points of her life. It isn't written like an autobiography where you get every little detail. She condensed it to 275 pages of just the good stuff. The book makes you feel like she is just sitting in front of you talking. Her voice and humor read perfectly. Instead of summarizing the plot I'll share with you a few thoughts and things I learned:

  1. Tina Fey wrote Mean Girls. (I know I'm not the only one who loves this movie and had no idea Tina Fey wrote it.)
  2. Tina Fey also doesn't understand why "blond" hair isn't called "yellow" hair. Why do we just get "brown" hair?
  3. "An Irish Goodnight" is when you have guests over and you start screaming and throwing their coats down the stairs in order to get them to leave.
  4. The three worst kinds of female behavior are: 1. saying "like" all the time, 2. leaving your baby in a dumpster, and 3. girl-on-girl sabotage.
  5. What you should give your kids: "The gift of anxiety. The fear of getting in trouble. The knowledge that while you are loved, you are not above the law."
  6. Tina Fey went to the University of Virginia.
  7. Tina Fey and I both have had the pleasure of working at the YMCA.
  8. Vendeteria. Think cafeteria with lots of vending machines.
  9. If you are ever on a cruise ship and hear "bravo" said four times you are going down to your watery grave.
  10. The most important rule of beauty is, "Who cares?"
  11. "Only in comedy does an obedient white girl from the suburbs count as diversity." Tina Fey obviously doesn't know anything about structural engineering.
  12. "It is an impressively arrogant move to conclude that just because you don't like something, it is empirically not good."
  13. America's most serious and pressing issue is Photoshop. "Photoshop is just like makeup. When it's done well it looks great, and when it's overdone you look like a crazy asshole."
  14. Umm... I hope all the people in the chapter "Dear Internet" exist.
  15. "If you want to see a great pilot, watch the first episode of Cheers."
  16. Definition of blorft: "Completely overwhelmed but proceeding as if everything is fine and reacting to the stress with the torpor of a possum."
  17. Tina Fey, I love you for including the line, "These are not the droids you're looking for", in your book.
  18. I'm not the only one that doesn't get Hooters.
  19. Oprah smells nice.
  20. You can blame your farts on your baby.
  21. Tina Fey doesn't have a driver's license.

I apologize for the long list, there were so many more that I earmarked. Let me reiterate here, her hilarious, edgy humor definitely comes out in her book. I recommend the read. Short, sweet, and funny. (Side note: my book club friends shared with me that Tina Fey reads her book on Audible and it is amazing.)

Anyone have any good books they've read recently that they'd like to recommend?

Tutorial: How to Add a Pen Holder to Your Planner in One Simple Step June 01, 2017 05:00

Do you love your 2017 UPstudio Planner, but wish there was a way to attach a pen or pencil to it easily?  I'm right there with you.  One of the hardest things for me personally to let go of from the 2016 Planner with a spiral binding (where you could clip a pen right on the spiral) to the hardcover book bound 2017 Planner was the lack of ease of attaching my pen.  All of that changes with this simple trick, and the best part is that it's built in to your planner already!  Use the elastic just a bit differently, and your pen can easily travel with you wherever you go:


A word of warning - after doing this a few times, the elastic will stretch out, so make sure you're cool with closing your planner this way for the rest of the year if you want to make the switch!

PLANNER FLASH SALE! May 25, 2017 03:00

This year has flown by! Can't believe Memorial Day is this weekend and June is right around the corner.

We hope you have a great holiday weekend as we all take the time to remember and appreciate all of the men and women who have sacrificed their lives and for those who bravely fight today for our country. 

To sweeten the holiday fun, starting today and continuing through Monday May 29th at midnight (EDT) you can purchase a 2017 UPstudio Planner for just $10! What a steal! For an even better deal you can purchase a planner with a minor imperfection here for only $5. No coupon code necessary.

More than half off with more than half of the year remaining! 

We don't have very many planners left, so purchase one while you still can!

2017 UPstudio Planner Sale

Inspiration: Everyday Cards - BBQ Free Download May 18, 2017 05:00

Memorial Day is coming up which will officially start BBQ season!  Did you know that you can download a free BBQ Everyday Card to use as an invitation for any of your upcoming summer barbecues?  Regardless of whether a barbecue means pork, brisket, or hot dogs and hamburgers, we've got you covered.  

Before we settled on the final design for the free download, we went through several options of what the card should look like.  I (Becky) take the lead on designs and after I get to a starting point with one or more options, MB and I will discuss, make corrections, then I'll make changes, we talk again, lather rinse repeat until we're both happy with where we land.  For this card, I started by thinking of all the things that could possibly mean BBQ, then finding images of each of the items for inspiration.  From those images, I created digital drawings of individual items.  For me, the easiest way to create these is in AutoCad.  I love to use Illustrator, but because of my day job as an architect, I personally am more comfortable drawing vector images (particularly those with curves) in Cad.  From Cad, I can then export the file to a .eps and open that to manipulate in Illustrator.  I used Illustrator to then create several iterations of the layout of the actual card.  As mentioned above, MB and I discussed them all, made some adjustments, and then agreed on the final option.  See below for the preliminary designs and the final free download!

And the final design that you can download today is...

Download yours today and don't forget to invite us to your BBQ too!

Lessons Learned: Google Fonts in Shopify Store May 11, 2017 05:00

Each Shopify website theme has a list of available fonts built in to the template. We at UPstudio were personally struggling with the default font list. We just weren't happy with how any of them looked on our website. We had originally accepted that 'what you see is what you get' because we were, and still are using a free theme/template (the 'Minimal - Vintage' theme). We figured there are always sacrifices when you choose the free route. Eventually it bothered us enough that we decided to dig a bit deeper. 

I, Mary Beth, am personally tasked with website development and improvement for UPstudio. I'm the first to admit that Google and the Shopify Help Center are my best friends when I am trying to solve a problem. 

Luckily I stumbled upon a very simple fix for our font issue, Google Fonts. All Google Fonts are open source, so you are free to use them in your Shopify store. The Shopify Help Center has a great tutorial on how to add Google Fonts to your theme, check it out here. I wouldn't say these instructions are for the beginner, but they are easy enough to follow. The hardest part for us was deciding on a handful of fonts we wanted to test. Our best advice on that front is to make sure to look at all the characters and make sure they are all acceptable to you. Some have a rogue letter or number that really doesn't appeal to you, and that one letter ends up being on your homepage five times. When you drill down on a font in Google Fonts you can type in specific text to preview.

Our initial short list was:

Once you follow the tutorial once, it is pretty easy to replicate. That being the case, we added our complete shortlist to test them out. Part of the tutorial actually gives you the code to create a new group called "My Added Fonts" to help you easily locate them.

When you add in Google Fonts you can great a new group for "My Added Fonts"

We ended up choosing Opens Sans. We aren't 100% satisfied but it is definitely an improvement. 

Lessons Learned: Google Fonts in Shopify Store

We aren't coding gurus, but if you try out the tutorial and run into any issues, contact us, and we'll try to help.

The next step might be a custom font, we'll keep you posted. 

2017 Mother's Day Gift Guide May 04, 2017 05:00

Do you ever have a holiday sneak up on your only to realize that it's the next day and you haven't prepared for it at all?  (you're not alone!)  In an effort to not have that happen again, here is your official reminder that Mother's Day is quickly approaching - don't forget to do something for your Mama!  For your convenience, we've curated a list of sure-fire awesome gifts that Mom will love, at all price points.

  • A hug (if you're close enough to give one)  FREE
  • A phone call (if you won't see your mom in person to give her a hug)  FREE
  • A thank you note (don't underestimate the power of a hand written note!  we love the UPstudio I Heart You and Check Box cards, and also this and this)  $1 - $5
  • Wine (sometimes, wine is wine and unless she's a connoisseur, she'll never know how much you spent) $3 - $25
  • A nice candle (we love the scents from Southern Elegance like the Southern Sunshine candle) $10 - $25
  • Jewelry (currently loving everything from Shop Wind Blown and the graphic metal pieces from Haden Designs
  • Handmade pottery pieces (planters or mugs or a jewelry holder like this Philodendron Leaf Bowl from Lauren Sumner Pottery)
  • A fancier-than-normal dinner (homemade is always a winner, or take her to any of our favorite Raleigh restaurants: Poole's Diner or Bida Manda)

Here's the thing - no matter what you do, your mom's going to love it just as much as she loved the drawings you brought home to her from pre-school that she has tucked away.  A phone call or a hand written note can mean more than money, and will more than make her day.  

2018 UPstudio Planner - Monthly Layout Feedback April 27, 2017 05:00 3 Comments

We really appreciate you all taking the time to share your thoughts and vote on your favorite potential UPstudio Planner cover color options.

We compiled the votes from the poll and all of our social media platforms:

  • First Place: Gray
  • Second Place: Red (only a few votes shy of first)
  • A Close Third: Satchel
  • A Far Last: Black

Our thoughts on the results:

  1. They affirm that we made the right decision to go with gray for 2017!
  2. We were hesitant to put black in our top four because we are fearful of a few things on that front, but we wanted it there to see how men specifically felt about black, the ultimate neutral color. We are happy to see it came in dead last.
  3. We thought red would be a run away, but we are happy to see satchel could hang in the crowd.

We are still working through the cost implications of offering two colors for 2018 but we are very hopeful this is an area we can grow this year. We will keep you all posted on the progress. 

In regards to the layout of the 2018 UPstudio Planner we are currently only entertaining what we view as one large modification. We have had some users reach out to us specifically requesting the month layouts to start on Monday to be consistent with the week layouts.

This would affect the month layouts that proceed the week layouts and it would also affect all of the mini month layouts found on various pages including the goal sheet, month layout, and weekly layout. 

We would love to hear your opinion. We've included a sample of our current month layout along side an altered layout below to help you visualize what we are considering.

2017 UPstudio Planner Month Layout - May

2017 UPstudio Planner - Monthly Layout with Monday Start - May

Do you feel strongly one way or the other? Are you neutral on the topic? How much do you utilize the month layout? Would you like that the months now align with the weekly layout?

2018 Planner - Your Last Chance for Feedback April 20, 2017 05:00 1 Comment

We love hearing what you think about the UPstudio Planner.  The good, the bad, the ugly, we want to hear it all!  Your thoughts and opinions about how to make the planner better are one of the best ways that we can grow, so we welcome any and all feedback.  That being said, we're busily working on the 2018 version, and it will go to print shortly.  Here's your final warning to tell us everything!  Do you love it?  Do you hate it?  Do you wish it came in an academic calendar version?  

We honestly take every opinion into consideration before making final decisions, so don't miss out on your chance for your voice to be heard.  Don't forget to vote on another possible cover color option too!


2018 UPstudio Planner Cover Color Poll April 13, 2017 05:00

Did the color of the UPstudio Planner play a part in whether or not you purchased one? 

The 2017 UPstudio Planner was the first year that we chose to have a leather cover. Due to the fact that we are a young, small company with a limited budget we could only provide one color option. We chose gray because we felt it was gender neutral and personally we are both avid gray fans.

We've heard a lot of good feedback regarding the gray, but also some requests for other colors. That being said we are hopefully to offer two options for the 2018 UPstudio Planner and we'd love your input. We plan to still have the same binding type and for the cover to still be leather. 

We've created a poll with our top four choices below. We'd love for you to vote for your favorite. 

Is there a specific color you'd love that isn't on our list? Comment on this post or contact us to share your thoughts.

If you are viewing this post via our e-mail subscription, click here to cast your vote.

If you had to choose, what cover color would be your top choice?
Poll Maker

Follow UPstudio! April 06, 2017 05:00

Did you know that UPstudio is more than just social media?  If you're reading this blog post, chances are you do. But even if you're a faithful reader, you might not know all the ways you can follow UPstudio. Here's a reminder - take advantage of any or all of them!

Social Media:


Other Stuff:

Lessons Learned: North Carolina Sales and Use Tax March 30, 2017 05:00

As we have mentioned before, starting a business means you end up wearing a lot of new hats. Some are enjoyable and fulfilling and inline with why you starting your side hustle to begin with, others are more frustrating and take a lot of time because they are outside of your personal strengths.

Luckily since we are a partnership we can delegate 'new hats' based on our different strengths. And also luckily, our strengths don't overlap too much, so we can pretty evenly divide and conquer. The bulk of the business administrative side falls in my, Mary Beth's, wheel house. One of those pesky items is taxes. Today I was going to share what I've learned thus far regarding North Carolina Sales Tax, or more accurately "Sales and Use Tax". 

I've set this post up as a question and answer that walks you through the process and answers some questions about North Carolina sales and use tax. If you have any additional questions, comment on this post or shoot me an e-mail. I'm no expert, the breadth of my knowledge is limited to how these taxes apply to our specific business, but I can help you find your answer, or point you to some resources that will help.

UPstudio Lessons Learned Blog Series - North Carolina Sales and Use Tax

What is sales and use tax?

The North Carolina Department of Revenue overview:

"The general State and applicable local and transit rates of sales and use tax apply to the sales price of each item or article of tangible personal property that is sold at retail, sourced to this State, and is not subject to tax under another subdivision in N.C. Gen. Stat. § 105-164.4.  Tangible personal property is defined in N.C. Gen. Stat. § 105-164.3 as "personal property that may be seen, weighed, measured, felt, or touched or is in any manner perceptible to the senses.  The term includes electricity, water, gas, steam, and prewritten computer software."  The general sourcing principles are set forth in N.C. Gen. Stat. § 105-164.4B.

In those instances where the appropriate sales tax has not been paid on taxable tangible personal property, a use tax applies to the tangible personal property purchased or received from within or without this State for storage, use, or consumption in this State."

Who should file sales and use tax in North Carolina? 

Based on North Carolina law, every individual or business 'engaged in business' in North Carolina is required to collect and pay sales and use tax on retail sales or leases of tangible personal property and certain digital property not specifically exempt by law. Some services are also taxable. When they say 'engaged in business' I associate this with a physical presence. We live and are part of the business community in North Carolina. Most other states are similar. So we collect sales tax on every product purchased at a North Carolina show/pop-up (currently we do not have shows outside of North Carolina, that will be a new obstacle this year). For those of you coming to North Carolina to participate in a market from out of state, even if you don't have a brick and mortar in North Carolina, you are still required to register with the Department of Revenue and pay sales tax. You can read more about the specific requirements for 'specialty markets' here.

In regards to our online sales (includes sales directly from our website, Amazon, or Etsy), the tax required is based on the billing/shipping address of the recipient. So if the recipient is in North Carolina, we collect sales tax. If the recipient is in another state, where we are not 'engaged in business', we do not collect sales tax. The tax on that merchandise would be the responsibility of the purchaser as a use tax as required by their respective states.

For all of our products sold in local shops the retailer collects and files sale tax.  

What is the difference between sales and use tax?

As indicated in the overview from the department of revenue above, sales tax is a tax collected on the sale price of each item or article of tangible personal property that is sold at retail, in this case specifically within North Carolina. Most people deal with this everyday, so it is easy to wrap your head around. Use tax is a little more tricky. The department of review defines use tax as "a tax due on purchases, leases, and rentals of tangible personal property and certain digital property purchased, leased or rented inside or outside this State for storage, use, or consumption in North Carolina." If you break it down it is tax owed by the purchaser of an item when the North Carolina tax has not been collected by the retailer. 

An example of when we at UPstudio have to pay a use tax: When we get cards printed by our local printer we have to first purchase the cards from them. When we purchase cards we do not pay sales tax to the printer because we are purchasing them with intent to to resale (we provide them an E595-E form for the exemption). If we were to pay sale tax on the card, and then our purchaser also pay sale tax on the same card, that would be double taxation. So, we only collect and pay sales tax on the cards sold. But all of the cards we 'use'/consume ourselves, give away, or can't sell due damage or other reason and thus we store, we have to pay a 'use' tax on them. Since the retailer, or our printer, did not collect sales tax from us initially, it would then be our responsibility as the purchaser to pay it as a 'use' tax on the cards we are not reselling. The use tax is based on our purchase price from the printer.  

If it still isn't really clicking, there is additional information on the North Carolina Department of Revenue website about use tax. The FAQs I found particularly helpful.

What are the current sales and use tax rates?

This webpage gives the current sales and use tax rates. Use tax is calculated at the same rate as sales tax. How sales tax is broken down is that you have a state rate and a county rate. The state rate currently is 4.75% and each county varies, refer to this document for the current county rate. Make sure to note the footnotes regarding additional county transit taxes. Wake County approved an additional 0.5% transit tax starting April 1, 2017. To simplify it a bit, you can reference this page to look at the total sales tax (state and county combined) for each county. But note that when filing your sales and use taxes there are separate line items for the state portion and each county portion. 

When do you file sales and use taxes?

If the tax owed is between $100 and $20,000.00 a month you must file it monthly on or before the 20th day of each month for all taxes due for the preceding calendar month.

If you aren't a high roller, and fall in our category of less than $100 of taxes due a month you can file quarterly. These returns are due on or before the last day of January, April, July, and October for the preceding three-month period. You can read in more detail about when to file here.

Their website also released a directive stating that "North Carolina will consider any tax payment with a due date on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday as being timely paid if delivered in person or mailed to the Department on the next business day after the Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday." You can read more details here.

How do you file sales and use taxes?

You must first register your business with the North Carolina Department of Revenue. This is pretty simple on their website. You will get your sales and use tax account ID immediately upon application. They will also send you a certificate of registration which you are required to present to patrons at local markets/pop-ups. 

We file our sales and use tax online electronically through the state's e-file system. You can access the system here. In preparation to file electronically make sure that you have all of your gross receipts for the month/quarter. Make sure that each receipt is broken into product price, state tax collected, and county tax collected. You'll be asked to break it down per county on the form. Also make sure that you have your sales and use tax ID number and your Federal Tax ID or EIN handy. 

I've tried to cover the basics, hopefully this will help you start to understand how sales and use tax works and whether or not you should be collecting and paying it. There is plenty of additional information on the North Carolina Department of Revenue website, just follow the links provided within the post above. Please reach out to me if you have any additional questions or if something I said didn't quite makes sense.

2017 UPstudio Planner Feedback March 23, 2017 05:00

We are almost three months into 2017. Which means three months into our 2017 UPstudio Planner. How is it going so far for you? 

We feel like the 2017 version is leaps and bounds above the inaugural UPstudio Planner in 2016 however there is still and will always be room for improvement. Believe it or not, we are already working on the 2018 version, discussing between the two of us and soliciting input from others regarding where we should target our growth for 2018. Taking note of items that need to be tweaked, things that need to be completely reworked, and potential new options we want to explore.

We appreciate your reviews and e-mails regarding areas of improvement and directions you would like to see the UPstudio Planner take. Please keep them coming! We also encourage you to share your comments on this blog post as well by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom. 

Here is a recently published youtube review by Tara from Earn Spend Live to help get the gears turning:

If you are viewing this post via our e-mail subscription, click here to check out the video.

Some additional questions to help spur conversation:

  • Do you like that the week layouts start on Monday, or would you prefer a Sunday start?
  • Currently the monthly layout week runs Sunday through Saturday. Many have shared that they don't like the inconsistency between the month layout and the weekly Monday start. Do you agree? 
  • Would you like an academic calendar option?
  • Is the overall planner the right size for you, would you like different sizes?
  • Would you like a thinner only monthly version with graph paper at the end?
  • Do you think you'll have enough graph paper for the year? 
  • Would you like a different color cover? If so, what color? Red? Satchel/Tan?
  • Do you find that you use the subtly ticks we added for the times? If you don't, do you find they are distracting from how you use the top large section?
  • Do you think three subdivided sections is the right amount? Do you want more or less?
  • Do you like the quality and thickness of the paper? Do you have any bleed through issues?
  • Do you like the folders? We personally feel like they need to be more durable, do you agree?
  • Do you use the page markers? Is two the right amount?
  • Do you think any of the spacing needs to be adjusted? Areas with too much or too little space?
  • Did you find any errors? 

We look forward to hearing your thoughts however you feel comfortable sharing them with us!

Links and Things March 16, 2017 05:00

  • I thought MB was the biggest Cheerwine fan until I read this article.
  • This family was cute before but this interview makes them adorable.  "A hippity-hoppity mood"
  • This article depicting graphs of the winningest types of mascots can help you fill out your March Madness bracket.


    Day Jobs March 09, 2017 05:00

    If it seems like we've been a little absent lately, well, it's because we have been.  Usually there is a huge advantage to working as a pair, because majority of the time if one of us has too much on our plate, the other can pick up the slack (see: babies, moving, life in general).  Since before the end of 2016, our day jobs have been taking up most of our time.  You may remember from our FAQ page that we work as an architect and engineer, and we generally try to maintain a good work/life balance.  Right now though?  Deadlines.  Fire drills.  Survival mode.  (But, good projects, and good employees)

    We're still working hard on UPstudio projects, we just haven't been around on social media as much lately. We promise we're going to be more present.  Let us just go put out this fire real quick first, brb...

    Lessons Learned: Check The Mobile View March 02, 2017 05:00

    Desktops and laptops are quickly taking second fiddle to the cellphone. People are using their mobile devices to do more and more on the internet everyday. Case in point: one day last week we printed shipping labels, invoices, and fulfilled orders from my cellphone.

    This particular lesson learned is kind of a no brainer, but it is still something we have to remind ourselves all of the time: ALWAYS CHECK THE MOBILE VIEW OF YOUR WEBSITE AND E-MAILS!

    Every tweak you make has to be considered from the perspective of all viewing platforms. On many occasions, even though the new website tweak / addition looked amazing on our computer screen, we had to make adjustments in order for the mobile view to be functional. Sometimes this came at a cost to the computer screen perspective, leading to a final decision that was a little less amazing but bridged across platforms. Here is one example:

    On the 2017 UPstudio Planner page we have a viewer loaded that enables you to flip through a sample of the planner to get a feel of the layout:

    Lessons Learned: Website Mobile View - UPstudio


    Do you notice how the viewer looks a little small? It doesn't align with all of the other text when viewing it on your computer screen? However when you view this same section on your phone it all aligns perfectly:

    Lessons Learned: Website Mobile View - issuu - UPstudio

    Originally when we loaded this viewer, we customized the size to fit your computer screen, and we thought it looked great:

     Lessons Learned: Website Mobile View - UPstudio

    But this meant that on your cell phone in most cases it exceeded the screen width and required you to scroll left and right, making the navigation not as seamless:

    Lessons Learned: Website Mobile View - UPstudio

    Since we haven't figured out how to write code for this view to change sizes based on the viewing platform (on our list for the future), we had to decide what was a higher priority. In this case, the mobile view won, and the viewer looks a little small on your computer screen, but it is easy enough to click to enlarge. 

    Over the past few months I've saved other examples I've run across. Some of these examples are pretty large companies, so don't beat yourself up next time you come across something on your site you forgot to check out on your mobile device, it happens to us all. I'm sure all of these look great when you're sitting behind a computer screen.

    For your viewing pleasure:

    Lessons Learned - Always Check your Website Mobile View - UPstudio Lessons Learned - Always Check your Website Mobile View - UPstudio 

    Lessons Learned - Always Check your Website Mobile View - UPstudio  Lessons Learned - Always Check your Website Mobile View - UPstudio 

    Lessons Learned - Always Check your Website Mobile View - UPstudio  Lessons Learned - Always Check your Website Mobile View - UPstudio

    Lessons Learned - Always Check your Website Mobile View - UPstudio  Lessons Learned - Always Check your Website Mobile View - UPstudio

    Lessons Learned - Always Check your Website Mobile View - UPstudio  Lessons Learned - Always Check your Website Mobile View - UPstudio



    2017 UPstudio Planners on Sale! February 23, 2017 05:00

    Have you been holding off on getting your 2017 UPstudio Planner?  Well the wait is over, because all planners are on sale!  The already competitive prices have dropped 25% which means that the 2017 Planner is now just $30 and the 2017 Scratch and Dent Planner is only $15!  With 10+ months left in the year, these prices are a steal.  Head on over to the store and get one (or two or three!) today!


    Don't just take our word for it, check out this great review of the 2017 UPstudio Planner (for more reviews, click here):


    I absolutely love the UPstudio 2017 planner! I just received it and I already started using it to plan ahead for next year, as well as using the December 2016 monthly layout the provide. I was drawn to this planner at first, because of the binding. It it great, and feelshe really strong. A plus to this particular sewn binding is your planner opens flat, even in the beginning months (I've come across other sewn bound planners you have to hold open). I also love the 2 ribbon bookmarks. It is very helpful having the integral tabs printed on the edges, very helpful finding the pages you want (this is also better than most sewn bound planners as those usually do not have tabs and it the do, they are cut in and the edgesemester tent to curl or tear). I love the goal sheets before each month (sort of wish they were gridded) and I also love all the grid paper in the back. I also absolutely love the weekly layout. It's perfect the way it has sections for appointment and we'll as 3 separate sections for different tasks or whatnot under each day. And the elastic bandd closure is a must! I really love this planner and I cannot wait to continue using it for all of 2017. I cannot wait to see what the 2018 planner will look like! On a side note: customer service rocks. I had a slight error in check out and I emailed them and they responded to me and fixed the problem within minutes! I definitely recommend this planner and this company! 

    Lessons Learned: HTTPS February 16, 2017 05:00

    Have you ever noticed that some web addresses begin with "http://" and others start with "https://"? What is the difference?

    It means that the website is either using HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), or HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Again, what is the difference? 

    Around the origination of the world wide web, network administrators had to determine how to share information that they put on the internet. They agreed to use the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Eventually everyone understood this protocol and how it exchanged information, which lead to intercepting information. To battle this issue, the administrators agreed on a new procedure HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) to protect the information. In short, the data being sent is encrypted using a "code" that is only known by the sender and the recipient. If anyone intercepts the information, they won't be able to decipher it because they won't have the "code". The computer on each end uses a document called an SSL Certification (Secure Sockets Layer) containing character strings that are the keys to their secret "codes".

    Typically your browser will identify clearly which sites are secured.

    You can see that we at UPstudio use HTTPS...

    UPstudio Website is Secure with HTTPS

    We are fortunate enough that our website host provides us an SSL Certification as part of our monthly subscription fee, thank you Shopify. It is however something that each store must activate. We recently received an e-mail from Shopify saying that all stores are required to activate their SSL Certificate and migrate to HTTPS by March 1st, 2017, or it will be done by Shopify automatically. For directions to activate, click here

    During the activation process you are required to fix any errors that prevent the encryption process. In short, all links found on your website must be to other secure (or https://) websites. You will be required to fix these "mix content errors". Shopify provides some guidance to aid in understanding and fixing the errors found

    When we were upgrading we kept being directed to pages where we couldn't find any errors, all content and links were referencing secure locations. We finally figured out that it was our newsletter sign up, which is in the footer of our website template, and therefore shows up on all pages. So this lesson learned is for all of those Shopify stores using MailChimp as their newsletter provider that are having issues with activating their SSL Certification. There is a very simple fix that worked for us.

    When we first set up our theme and included a newsletter sign up in the footer we followed the directions at the bottom of this page to provide the MailChimp form action url. Which meant that the url we entered appeared like this:

    UPstudio MailChimp Form Action URL

    The simple fix is to just add "https:" in front of the provided form action URL, so that it appears as follows:

    UPstudio MailChimp Form Action URL HTTPS

    It is that easy! 

    For more lessons learned, click here to view our blog series. Have any questions for us about how we approached/accomplished something? Comment below or contact us, we are firm believers of collaboration over competition. 

    Where in the World is the UPstudio Planner February 09, 2017 05:00

    The 2017 UPstudio Planner is only sold in stores in North Carolina (for now anyway!) but this little gem called the internet makes it possible to get one from literally anywhere in the world. It's pretty amazing.  We took a look at the reach of the 2017 Planner, and thought it would be fun to share with you guys.  Who doesn't love a good map and graph? 

    These maps show the states and countries where UPstudio planners now call home.  The first map is of the United States, and the second map shows our lone international traveller - all the way in Estonia!  (Shipping prices get a little steep outside of the continental US, but we're willing to ship anywhere!  Send us a message if you want more details.)


    If you're wondering, that's 29 of the 50 states - and yep, you're reading that right, there's an UPstudio Planner in Hawaii (aloha!)

    The official language of Estonia is Estonian, however English is one of the most popular foreign languages to learn in the country, so the UPstudio Planner is still right at home overseas.


    These next graphs show the distribution of quantities sold throughout the different states and countries. No surprise, the most planners have sold in North Carolina, but we were interested to see that the next most popular state placing orders is Texas.

    Did your state make the map?  We would love to see all 50 states and even more countries represented for the 2018 Planner!

    (It's not too late to order your 2017 Planner or scratch and dent Planner!)


    **US Map created with United States of America with States - Outline by

    2017 UPstudio Planner : Scratch and Dent Sale February 02, 2017 05:00

    Some of the 2017 UPstudio Planners arrived with some imperfections. All of these flaws are aesthetic and do not render the planner unusable in any way. Snag one of these imperfect planners for $20 while supplies last! Benefit from our printing/delivery/storage issues with this great deal! 

    Examples include but are not limited to:

    • Minor scratches on cover
    • Slightly bent cover corner
    • Binding adhesive remnants on cover
    • Over or under zealous with the deboss stamp
    • Corners of pages not cropped perfectly
    • Small marks on edge of pages

    Imperfections vary, we can not guarantee which you will receive.

    (PS... if you've got a coupon code lying around, you can combine that with this amazing deal!)

    The Best Planner for Making Lists January 26, 2017 05:00

    This blog post is a part of the series "The Best Planner for..." which provides suggestions for ways in which you can use the UPstudio Planner.  Each post in this series will focus on a different way to utilize the planner layout. The UPstudio Planner is designed for versatility, and is suited for many uses and not limited to the featured suggestions.  Show us how you use your planner by sending us an email at, or tagging us on social media (all handles can be found on our website).

    Lists: they make us feel organized, productive, and efficient. They can reduce anxiety when tasks get overwhelming or start to feel out of control, and can help to improve your focus to accomplish those tasks. Lists can help to organize thoughts, and are a helpful part of many people's daily lives. 

    The UPstudio Planner is stocked from start to finish with a variety of areas to make lists of all different kinds. Lists can be made on the weekly layout in each daily section as well as in the graph area below, on the blank space of the monthly layout, on the blank space or graph space of the goals layout, or on the graph sheets in the back of the Planner.

    If you're in to making lists, this is the planner for you.

    To-do lists, birthday and anniversaries, books to read, movies to watch, restaurants to try - the possibilities are endless. Make a list and cross some things off, the progress will make you want to make another one! 


    UPstudio Blog 2016 Year In Review January 19, 2017 05:00

    Looking back at our blog history, our first blog post was July 27th, 2015, when we launched our website. We've posted every Thursday since then (with a few extras thrown in here and there). We have written a total of 86 blog posts so far.

    2016 was our first full year of blogging. We've definitely increased our audience this year:

    UPstudio - 2016 Pageview Growth

    The two main features on the UPstudio website are our shop and our blog. In 2016 our shop pulled in a whopping 19,660 views with our blog coming in second with 13,990 total views.

    Our top ten viewed blog posts in 2016 according to Google Analytics:

    1. What is Bullet Journaling? (1,738 views)
    2. Dress Your Tech (520 views)
    3. Lessons Learned: UPS Mailbox vs PO Box (272 views)
    4. Lessons Learned: Shopify Blog Images Not Showing Up in E-mail Subscriptions (205 views)
    5. Planning a Planner v 2017, Part I (190 views)
    6. FTD Free Downloadable Calendar (182 views)
    7. Lessons Learned: Free Shopify Apps to Install (161 views)
    8. August Bullet Journal Collections (98 views)
    9. Bullet Journaling and the UPstudio Planner (98 views)
    10. Pre-order a 2017 UPstudio Planner Today (96 views)

    So, the clear run away was bullet journaling taking the top viewed spot by a landslide and making the list two additional times. Our Lessons Learned series and the UPstudio Planner each made the list three times, and digital downloads took second and sixth place.

    Take aways are: You enjoy bullet journaling, reading about things we've learned along our small business journey, free digital downloads, and the UPstudio Planner. So, we'll make sure we keep those topics in our rotation. Is there anything else you would like to read about this coming year? 

    UPstudio - Top Ten Blog Posts in 2016


    The Best Planner for Keeping Resolutions January 12, 2017 05:00

    This blog post is a part of the series "The Best Planner for..." which provides suggestions for ways in which you can use the UPstudio Planner.  Each post in this series will focus on a different way to utilize the planner layout. The UPstudio Planner is designed for versatility, and is suited for many uses and not limited to the featured suggestions.  Show us how you use your planner by sending us an email at, or tagging us on social media (all handles can be found on our website).

    New Year's Resolutions: we all make them with the best of intentions and full of motivation.  The beginning of the year is like a fresh start, and the perfect time to begin a new goal, develop a new habit, or just do 'better' in general.  If you're anything like me, then those goals and that motivation starts to fizzle out a few weeks into the year.  Life tends to get in the way, and my resolutions turn in to "if I have time", later to be forgotten, and then turn back into resolutions for the next year.  It's the circle of life, New Year's Resolution style.

    I've learned over the years to make attainable goals so that I'm not too hard on myself if I don't achieve something that's really lofty.  This year, my attainable resolution is to make chicken pot pie.  Not a Marie Calendar's CPP (because I'm already a PRO at that), but 100% from scratch with a woven pie crust top and everything.  But there are plenty of other things that I need daily encouragement on to make real changes in my life.

    There are many people that are taking advantage of that first of the year momentum to start new challenges with more traditional resolutions: lose x amount of pounds, do a better job of keeping in touch with friends, pack a lunch more often, etc.  With the right tools, those resolutions could be easier to keep, helping ensure that they last not just the first few weeks of the new year, but all year long, or even all life long. The UPstudio Planner could help to keep those resolutions by holding yourself accountable with planning, and encouraging your motivation by seeing progress made.

    I love one idea in particular from my friend Katie.  Katie has always loved photography, but lately has fallen out of practice with taking photos due to the daily grind of life.  At the new year, she started a 365 Project to take a photo a day.  More than the idea of the project, I love her thought behind it: "I figure even if I don't make it a whole year, the amount I do make it will improve my skills."  

    The 365 Project doesn't apply to just photography - it can be suited to almost anything you can think of.  What better way to continue on with the 365 Project or any New Year's Resolution than to plan and track your progress?  Motivation doesn't breed progress, progress breeds motivation.  Keeping track of daily accomplishments by physically writing them in the UPstudio Planner will only help encourage you to keep on going, and ultimately, keep your resolution.

    Are you working on resolutions this year?  Leave a comment and let us know!

    Note: The above example planner layout and photographs were not by Katie.  Here are a few of her photos from the 365 Project for your enjoyment!


    Dress Your Tech v2.0 January 05, 2017 05:00

    Happy New Year Everyone! Hopefully this first week back to the daily grind hasn't been too rough.

    New year for me means new desktop background! This is a big deal because I sit at my desk in front of a computer all day. Me and DELL are BFFs.

    I shared previously on the blog that DESIGNLOVEFEST is where I have the best luck when in search of a new desktop background. There is a "Dress Your Tech" section where desktop backgrounds are featured once or twice a month. Her collection is perfect for me, simple and creative (and also FREE).

    Some of my favorites while I was on the hunt yesterday:

    Desktop Wallpaper made with love by Cardelucci for DESIGNLOVEFEST

    Link to Download

    Desktop Wallpaper made with Love by Deconstructed Bouquets for DESIGNLOVEFEST

    Link to Download

    Desktop Wallpaper made with Love by Deconstructed Bouquets for DESIGNLOVEFEST

    Link to Download (this was the big winner for me)

    Desktop Wallpaper made with Love by Akiko Da Silva for DESIGNLOVEFEST

    Link to Download

    Desktop Wallpaper made with Love by Our Heiday for DESIGNLOVEFEST

    Link to Download

    Desktop Wallpaper made with Love by Kat Grabowski for DESIGNLOVEFEST

    Link to Download

    There are tons of options. Your tastes might not line up exactly with mine, so go check it out for yourself.  You just might find something perfect! 

    Out with the Old, In with the New! December 29, 2016 05:30

    This week is the first week included in the 2017 UPstudio Planner. Ever since the new planners arrived I've been itching to start using one. With all of the new features, I just couldn't wait to dig in and get my year started off right. I've definitely felt the giddiness this week (I know, such a loser, but you get me... hopefully), but I've also felt a little sadness. It is bittersweet as I see my 2016 UPstudio Planner on my desk, it symbolizes so much growth for us at UPstudio. It is what started it all! 

    First Week of the 2017 UPstudio Planner

    But the giddiness is definitely winning! I've been finding every excuse I can to write something down!

    We at UPstudio hope you had a very Merry Christmas filled with joy! 

    If by chance your Christmas was also filled with Amazon or Etsy gift cards, and you've been contemplating a new 2017 UPstudio Planner, you're in luck. You can purchase one on both Amazon and Etsy!

    2017 UPstudio Planner available on both Amazon and Etsy!

    Happy Planning Everyone! And Happy New Year!

    (Use code 'MERRY' at checkout on our website to get 15% off your order today!)

    The Best Planner for Surviving the Holiday Rush December 22, 2016 05:00

    This blog post is a part of the series "The Best Planner for..." which provides suggestions for ways in which you can use the UPstudio Planner.  Each post in this series will focus on a different way to utilize the planner layout. The UPstudio Planner is designed for versatility, and is suited for many uses and not limited to the featured suggestions.  Show us how you use your planner by sending us an email at, or tagging us on social media (all handles can be found on our website).

    It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!  For many, it's also the busiest, and the most stressful.  Having the right planner to help you navigate through parties, family gatherings, time spent with friends, and coordinating gift exchanges can help you make it through the holiday season a bit easier.

    The UPstudio Planner can serve as your dashboard to keep track of your own, your significant other's and your kids' schedules.  In this example, the month layout serves as the 5,000 foot level view of festivities.  Having a visual of what is coming over the course of the month makes me feel that much more organized, and that way nothing can sneak up on me.  (Don't forget to include December birthdays!  Too often these are lost in the hustle of the season.)

    The week layout shows more detailed information about parties, what needs to be prepared for each one, when to give gifts (this is especially tricky with coworkers and kid's teachers as everyone is out on vacation at different times), etc.  It also includes a to-do list of things that make my own Christmas season feel more complete... there are those Christmas cookies that I just HAVE to bake, movies that HAVE to be watched, or else it just doesn't feel quite right.

    The goals sheet for December or graph pages at the back are a great place to keep track of gifts to give, and what has been purchased.  I like to keep a running list throughout the year of ideas for people - that way when it comes time to shop for Christmas presents, I'm not starting from scratch.  (Note: this sheet is not pictured because it's before Christmas and it will spoil gifts for family that reads these posts!  Hi, Mom!)

    Right after Christmas, New Year's Eve parties are in full swing, and there is still plenty to prepare for, gatherings and side dishes and binge eating before your New Year's diet kicks in (tell me I'm wrong).  The UPstudio Planner can help you get and stay organized as we round out 2016 and get started in the New Year.  Make sure to order your 2017 Planner today!

    Even though Christmas and the entire holiday season can be hectic, we do hope that you'll make the effort to slow down, enjoy time with family and friends, count your blessings, and remember the true meaning of the holiday.  We at UPstudio wish you a very Merry Christmas!

    UPstudio Gift Guide December 15, 2016 05:00

    Everyone has someone on their list that would enjoy UPstudio under the tree this Christmas! We've pulled together a few ideas for inspiration.

    The list maker/planner in your life would love a new 2017 UPstudio Planner!

    UPstudio 2017 Planner - Perfect Christmas Gift for the Planner in Your Life

    Do you have any teachers you need gifts for? A recent customer decided to buy their teachers a book for their classroom paired with an UPstudio Journal, notebook elastic pencil holder, and a catch-phrase pencil

    The Perfect Gift for a Teacher - UPstudio

    For every journal sold we'll send a free pencil and notebook elastic. Simply reply to your order confirmation e-mail with your pencil and elastic preference (see available options below). 

     Free Pencil and Notebook Elastic with Journal Purchase - UPstudio

    Do you have a friend that is an avid letter writer or thank you card giver? UPstudio has plenty of cards, including two Christmas cards. Buy them individually or in packs of 6, and choose your envelope color.

    UPstudio Cards are a Perfect Christmas Gift

    Need a stocking-stuffer for the lover of office supplies? We've got you covered! Check out the UPstudio accessories collection.

    Stocking Stuffer Ideas from UPstudio

    To ensure Christmas delivery, place your orders by:

    • Planners: December 20th
    • All other UPstudio Products: December 19th

    If your presents need wrapping don't forget about our free printable gift tags!

    Free Christmas Gift Tag Printables - UPstudio

    (PS... Sign up for our newsletter and use code NEWSLETTER to get 10% off your order today!)

    The Best Planner for Multitaskers December 08, 2016 05:00

    This blog post is a part of the series "The Best Planner for..." which provides suggestions for ways in which you can use the UPstudio Planner.  Each post in this series will focus on a different way to utilize the planner layout. The UPstudio Planner is designed for versatility, and is suited for many uses and not limited to the featured suggestions.  Show us how you use your planner by sending us an email at, or tagging us on social media (all handles can be found on our website).

    Who here can honestly say they aren't a multitasker?  I generally have about a thousand things going on at once between work, family, personal projects, friends, side job, community involvements, etc.  Without a way to keep things straight, I would probably lose my mind.  I know I'm not alone out there in needing a way to keep track of individual commitments and tasks. The UPstudio Planner works great for me, but today we're going to look at how another multitasker uses hers.

    Lindsay is a 20 something year old professional engineer.  She works an 8 - 5 day job, has a boyfriend, is close with her family and sees them regularly, volunteers with ACE Mentoring on a weekly basis, is treasurer for SEA (a professional engineering organization), works out consistently, is the social chair for the Triangle Chapter of the Virginia Tech Alumni, and runs a flower arranging business on the side.  Yeah, I'd say she's a little busy.

    She uses the UPstudio Planner to manage the different things she needs to handle on a daily basis.  She uses the top portion of the weekly layout to organize her meetings, appointments, or time sensitive tasks.  The bottom sections are divided up as "Friends and Family", "VT Alumni", and "ACE Mentor" because in this particular week, these were the 3 things she needed to focus on.  The graph paper at the bottom includes notes about what flowers need to be ordered for her company holiday party.

    On other weeks, her categories were different.  This is one of the major perks of the UPstudio Planner: as your needs change, your planner can easily adapt.  When weddings that she was providing flowers for were coming up, one category would be devoted to flowers.  When she was studying for her PE, another category broke down specific sections of study (spoiler alert: she passed!)  

    We love seeing how other people use their UPstudio Planners and what works for them.  Thanks, Lindsay, for sharing yours with us!  

    Now for fun (and because they're beautiful), we'll share some images of her floral arrangements with you:




    Free Printable Christmas Tags December 01, 2016 05:00

    I'm not sure about you, but once I finish my last bite of turkey, the Christmas music begins! My absolute favorite part about Christmas is giving gifts. I love sifting through recent interactions to figure out the perfect gift for each of my loved ones. I find such joy watching them all open their presents, there is nothing better! 

    Since I'm usually done with my Christmas shopping around the first of December (I know, type A, planner, right here) I have plenty of time to wrap my presents and enjoy their beauty under the tree. I enjoy being creative and crafty when it comes to my wrapping. I'm also a huge fan of being economical, because lets be honest, they enjoy the wrapping a fraction of the time they enjoy the gift.

    This year we at UPstudio have designed some Christmas gift tags that you can download for free. What is more economical than free? 

     UPstudio Free Printable Christmas Tag Example

    Add the free download to your cart and proceed to checkout. Once you've completed the checkout process there will be an option for you to download right then. But don't worry, you'll also receive an e-mail with instructions on how to download at a later time as well.

    The PDF has two pages, the first has nine different designs in green and red and the second page features the same nine designs in black and white. 

    UPstudio Free Christmas Tag Printable

    To show off our gift tags I wrapped a few of my presents:

    I used letter size (8.5"x11") sticky labels where I cut out each tag for a couple gifts. You can purchase these on Amazon: Inkjet, Laserjet. You can also find them at your local Walmart, or office supply store.  I've been using the same pack for about four years now.

    For the others I printed the designs on a heavy weight paper (80# index) to use as tags where I either wrote on the back or incorporated into my bow.

    I'm usually not a fancy bow person, but I tried a few new things for you guys. Here are the resources I used and some lessons learned:

    • First lesson: video tutorials are a must when it comes to bow tying, the pictures get really confusing.
    • A standard bow, similar to the red bow with white trim, is easier to tie with a satin ribbon, without wire. And make sure you decide how you want to fasten it to the present before you begin, I definitely didn't think that through. The Better Homes and Garden blog has a some great videos for four different simple bows.
    • The larger traditional Christmas bow (the red and white stripe) was surprisingly easier than I thought. It is best accomplished with ribbon that has a wire edge. It also requires some type of wire, string, pipe cleaner, or other ribbon to secure it, so make sure you add that to your cart when you purchase your ribbon. I personally used bakers twine. And again, make sure you think about how you plan to attach it to your present beforehand. Video tutorials: tutorial 1, tutorial 2, tutorial 3.

    Do you have any lessons learned or any great resources for Christmas wrapping inspiration?

    (Don't forget to download your free printable Christmas tags today!)


    The Best Planner for Moms (and Dads!) November 24, 2016 05:00

    This blog post is a part of the series "The Best Planner for..." which provides suggestions for ways in which you can use the UPstudio Planner.  Each post in this series will focus on a different way to utilize the planner layout. The UPstudio Planner is designed for versatility, and is suited for many uses and not limited to the featured suggestions.  Show us how you use your planner by sending us an email at, or tagging us on social media (all handles can be found on our website).

    Mom brain is a real thing.  So is Dad brain.  If you have kids, then you know what I'm talking about.  My husband likes to describe his Dad brain as functioning at the same level as our kids - a 3 year old and a 7 month old.  Because we hold a lot of conversations with a baby and a preschooler, our own minds naturally tend to think in a way that they can understand things.  Also, there's that whole lack of sleep thing... it's just a fact of life that having kids = less sleep, no matter what age they are.  You have to keep going and functioning, sometimes on little to no sleep, and sometimes your brain just can't handle keeping up with the plethora of information it needs to after hearing "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy" a thousand times a day - hence, Mom or Dad brain.

    Having the right planner can be a lifesaver when you're juggling a lot of things and need to keep them straight (aka not forget when picture day is and accidentally let your kids wear pajamas to school).  In my daily life I manage: the responsibilities and schedule of my day job, the responsibilities and schedule of my side job (UPstudio), my husband's schedule, my 2 daughters schedules, keeping a relatively put together house, and keeping us all fed - including our 2 dogs (working with my husband on all of these things).  That's a lot to keep track of.

    The UPstudio Planner is perfect for me to manage my family and my jobs.  The flexibility is essential, because the items I need to highlight the most change from week to week.  With the UPstudio Planner, the weekly layout allows for me to use the top section as a schedule for my appointments and meetings (although it's just as easy to use this section as a daily to-do list, etc), and the middle sections can vary based on what's going on that week.  My 3-year-old has a theme at school every month, and each day she brings in something to school, or we talk about a particular item or idea that relates to that theme.  In the example below, I'm able to see what she has planned for each day so I can prepare it the night before.  My 7-month-old is branching out in what foods she is eating, and I can easily track what she has each day.  If she has any allergic reactions, I can look to see what might have been the cause.  I can also take notes on what foods she likes and what she didn't like.  The remaining row in the middle section of the layout was used in this example to plan meals for the week.  It's amazing what a difference it makes when I come home with a meal that is already planned instead of blankly staring into the fridge for 10 minutes before cooking a frozen pizza (for more on this, check out The Best Planner for Meal Planning).

    The bottom section in this example is shown as a to-do list.  I also like to use this space to write down funny things that my 3-year-old says: "Would you like a brownie? They're really brown!"

    The best part is that the next week I can change this up completely or leave it exactly the same.  It's truly the most versatile layout you can use, and if there's one thing I've learned as a parent, it's that things are constantly changing, so having a planner that can adapt to my needs is crucial.  I foresee this layout being extremely useful as more after-school activities are added to our schedules as my daughters grow up as well.

    The graph pages of the UPstudio Planner can also double as a coloring book (at home, at the DMV, in the car, etc) - mom tested, kid approved (and no bleed through!)


    UPstudio Christmas Cards November 17, 2016 05:00

    Last year this time we were just releasing our inaugural 2016 UPstudio Planner. After its release we focused nearly all of our efforts on marketing and promoting the planner through the end of the year. We generated a few Christmas card designs but the time slipped by and sadly we didn't have time to produce and release them. 

    We were not going to let that happen again!

    We are excited to announce that this year UPstudio will have two Christmas cards available!

    Our first card, Trees, is printed similarly to our Everyday Cards (double sided offset printing on 160# cover paper). The design is featured on one side with the opposite side having a single tree and enough space for you to write a message. You can purchase them individually or in packs of six.

    UPstudio Christmas Trees Card

    (Add a little yuletide spirit to your organization with the Gold Christmas Tree Paper Clips featured above.)

    This beautiful Reindeer is featured on our second Christmas card!

    UPstudio Reindeer Christmas Card

    This is our first color card with a design of a pixelated reindeer on the front that opens to "Merry Christmas" on the interior. This card is also available for purchase individually or in packs of six.

    UPstudio Reindeer Christmas Card Styled

    We have also added a new envelope color, lockwood green, to make your cards feel even more festive. Both cards look great with all envelope color options (red, real gray, kraft, and lockwood green).

    UPstudio Envelope Color Options

    We only printed limited quantities of Christmas cards, so get them while you can!


    The Best Planner for Tracking your Health November 10, 2016 05:00

    This blog post is a part of the series "The Best Planner for..." which provides suggestions for ways in which you can use the UPstudio Planner.  Each post in this series will focus on a different way to utilize the planner layout. The UPstudio Planner is designed for versatility, and is suited for many uses and not limited to the featured suggestions.  Show us how you use your planner by sending us an email at, or tagging us on social media (all handles can be found on our website).

    It's all downhill after Halloween - in regards to my eating habits at the end of the year that is.  Even before Halloween is here, that bowl of candy waiting for Trick-or-Treaters is too inviting to pass up, and then there's the leftover candy... Someone's gotta take care of it, right?  The weather is cooler, which means it's acceptable to start wearing bulkier clothes, and of course there's no explanation required for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  There is food everywhere, and we're not talking veggie trays.  With all of the tempting goodies, I need a way to plan and track my health, and hold myself accountable so I don't go too far off the deep end.  

    We've already discussed the Best Planner for Meal Planning, and staying healthy through choosing wholesome meals.  In addition to that, the UPstudio planner is the perfect way to keep everything in check and track basic aspects of my health.  Some might believe that there are better ways to track health, in wearable devices or even through your phone, but I would argue that keeping track in a planner (perhaps in tandem with use of a fitness tracker) is the best way for a few reasons:

    • You can actually make a plan, instead of just tracking, and then compare what you did to what your plan was.
    • While a fitness tracker is great for some things, there is more to health than just how many steps you take in a day.  Writing everything down in a planner then allows you to visualize each aspect together - including exercise, water consumed, meals, sleep, etc.  Think of it as a dashboard for your whole health.
    • Your health plan can be side by side with your daily schedule, therefore it's easier to schedule realistic goals and not feel discouraged by not completing a lofty task.
    • Writing things down keeps you accountable to yourself.

    The UPstudio Planner is suited to address all of these and more with its versatile layout.  The monthly goals sheet can address long term goals - losing weight, trying new recipes, even posting a photo or your beginning of the month stats to compare from month to month.


    The monthly layout can be used in a variety of ways.  Suggested here is showing which days you exercised with a key - a great way to visualize how you did at the end of the month.


    The weekly layout shown below is just one example of a way to both plan and track your health.  For this, I used the information logged on my iPhone and transferred it into my planner to see it at a glance, paired with my daily water intake, exercise goals and achievements, hours of sleep, and meals.  Because I could see everything in a 'dashboard' style, it was easy to see how things related:  I was working on 2 big deadlines last week and my meals suffered because of it.. when I ran errands, I walked a considerable amount more than just walking around the office.. and when you have kids you just really never get enough sleep.  A harsh reality. 


    We challenge you to use the UPstudio Planner and test it our for yourself based on your own health needs!

    UPstudio Features and Upcoming Events November 03, 2016 05:00

    We shared in our recent blog series, Planning a Planner v2017, the changes and improvements made to the 2017 UPstudio Planner. We gave a lot of insight into why we made certain decisions. Since its release, we have loved hearing your feedback and reviews. Check out some of them for yourself... 


    Earn Spend Live : The 6 Best Planners for Men 

    Earn Spend Live : The 6 Best Planners for Men

    The Essential BS : UPstudio 2017 Planner Review: A Simple Choice

    The Essential BS Review of the 2017 UPstudio Planner

    Earn Spend Live: 2017 UPstudio Planner Review: Upgrades Galore

    Earn Spend Live Review of 2017 UPstudio Planner


    We would love to meet you and would appreciate your support at our upcoming events. High fives are always free! 

    • November 12th: Come check out our booth from 9am-4:30pm at the Mistletoe Market Holiday Fair at Wakefield High School. This is a fun event filled with crafts, holiday merchandise, and food! Find us outside in the "Reindeer Run" booth 8. Admission is $5.
    • November 20th: We will be participating in the Annual St. Jude Kick Off, "A Night of Giving" hosted by West Elm. The event is from 6-9pm. Donations will be going to the St. Jude Miracle Network. Local vendors will be spread through out Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn Teen, Williams Sonoma, and West Elm. There will be catering and live demos all with an emphasis on Holiday gift giving and entertaining. The stores are also raffling a $1000 gift card. Come out and support a great cause!
    • December 11th: We will be part of The Holiday Patchwork Market  at The Durham Armory (220 Foster Street, Durham, NC 27701) from 12pm-5pm. Come finish (or start) your holiday shopping! 

    Our Featured page always has the most up to date list of reviews and features along with a list of upcoming events. 

    Tune in next week for the second installment of "The Best Planner for... " series. We'll be focusing on 'Health'.

    The Best Planner for Meal Planning October 27, 2016 05:00

    This blog post is a part of the series "The Best Planner for..." which provides suggestions for ways in which you can use the UPstudio Planner.  Each post in this series will focus on a different way to utilize the planner layout. The UPstudio Planner is designed for versatility, and is suited for many uses and not limited to the featured suggestions.  Show us how you use your planner by sending us an email at, or tagging us on social media (all handles can be found on our website).  **This is the first post in this series.

    UPstudio Planner, Best Planner for Meal Planning

    I don't know about you, but I love the idea of meal planning.  Not even the kind where you buy everything on a Saturday morning, then spend the rest of the weekend chopping and prepping and organizing recipes in Ziplock bags so that you have a freezer full of meals on hand (although this is beyond impressive!)  I'm talking about just picking out recipes, shopping to make sure that you have all the ingredients, and then having a loose plan of knowing what you're going to make for each meal during the week.  If I don't have a plan, I flounder.  After a long day at work, a lot of times my husband and I will ask each other 'what do you want for dinner?' while repeatedly opening and closing the refrigerator, the freezer, and the pantry, eventually wasting enough time that we will pour a bowl of cereal and call it a night (don't worry, we still make sure our kids are fed well).  If I have a meal plan for the week and am actually prepared, then my entire week runs so much more smoothly!

    Being able to make a meal plan takes a couple of items to really work well:  a way to plan and track what meals to make and what items need to be purchased, and good go-to recipes.  The UPstudio Planner is so versatile, with open categories that can be filled out from week to week.  Some weeks I'll use the same categories, and sometimes I'll change it up - it really depends on what my current needs are.  For meal planning, I like to fill out the headings with "Breakfast", "Lunch", and "Dinner" (I didn't say it was rocket science).  Then I'll fill them out accordingly with meals to make, factoring in my plans for the week (my schedule is right above my meal plan - how convenient!)  (Photo below)

    I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of the new 100 Days of Real Food - Fast and Fabulous cookbook, and was able to use this all last week for my meal planning.  Let me tell you - I LOVE THIS COOKBOOK!  If you don't know Lisa Leake and her team at 100 Days of Real Food, then you're missing out.  I encourage you to check out her website and purchase her cookbooks (or try a few recipes from her website first!).  Lisa is 100% real.  She cooks real food from real ingredients, but is also realistic about what to make yourself and what's ok to buy at the store.  She openly cheats and lets her kids cheat on 'non-real' foods occasionally, but part of what I love about her is that her kids are so involved with food shopping and cooking, they will choose the real food over the processed.  Her "Fast and Fabulous" cookbook even has a guide for the best types of foods to buy at regular grocery stores - from Wal-Mart to Whole Foods to farmers markets and everything in between.  Seriously, order this cookbook today.

    UPstudio Planner, Best Planner for Meal Planning


    After looking through the cookbook first, I had my husband highlight some meals in every category that looked good to him.  I chose meals to make based on what I knew my whole family would like, what ingredients I had on hand, and honestly what seemed easy enough that I could make it on a weeknight after a full day of work.  Here is what my plan looked like:

    UPstudio Planner, Best Planner for Meal Planning

    Having my overall schedule for the week in the same place as my meal plan is so convenient!   After making each meal, I wrote notes about them in the graph section at the bottom of the page so I can reference for next time I make the recipe.


    Next, I referenced the recipes from 100 Days of Real Food - Fast and Fabulous with my food supply, and made a list of everything I needed to buy:

    UPstudio Sticky Pad, Great for Grocery Lists

    I prefer to write my grocery list on a smaller single sheet of paper - like this sticky pad


    I did all my shopping on Sunday afternoon, then Sunday evening I made all my breakfasts for the week (overnight oats!), as well as sour cream and onion chicken salad for sandwiches all week:

    UPstudio Planner, Best Planner for Meal Planning  UPstudio Planner, Best Planner for Meal Planning

    I'm a big fan of overnight oats and the recipe in this cookbook didn't disappoint.  The sour cream and onion chicken salad was also delicious and will be made again soon!


    I only made 3 dinners that week, because I knew we would be out one night, and knew that the recipes would make more than we could eat in one sitting.  Each of them were delicious, and I went out of my comfort zone for my Friday night meal - but it turned out great!

    UPstudio Planner, Best Planner for Meal Planning  

    UPstudio Planner, Best Planner for Meal Planning UPstudio Planner, Best Planner for Meal Planning 

    After we ate the veggie and bean burritos with cilantro lime crema, my husband high fived me - this one was a big hit.  The sloppy joes were a fun and tasty meal, and a good way to sneak in some extra veggies.  The parmesan crusted chicken also got rave reviews from my husband and MIL!


    Without my UPstudio Planner and the easy and delicious meals from 100 Days of Real Food - Fast and Fabulous, my week would've felt more hectic, rushed, and unprepared.  Arm yourself with the right tools, and meal planning can really help alleviate any extra stress from not knowing what to cook!

    Recap: 2017 UPstudio Planner Release Party October 20, 2016 05:00

    We were overwhelmed and excited by the turn out last Friday at the 2017 UPstudio Planner release party. We had a blast celebrating with both old and new friends. We feel so encouraged by all of the conversations of the evening. Your support is amazing. Thank you.

    Jessie of Ramble Supply Co. was such a great host. If you haven't checked out her shop, make a point to next time you're downtown. And the donuts contributed by Manhattan Cafe were amazing! 

    For those of you that weren't able to make it to the party, we hope to see you next time!

    A few highlights courtesy of our great friend Steve...

    2017 UPstudio Planner Release Party at Ramble Supply Co.

    We had a table set up to share about the development process of the UPstudio Planner.

    2017 UPstudio Planner Release Party at Ramble Supply Co.

    2017 UPstudio Planner Release Party at Ramble Supply Co.

    2017 UPstudio Planner Release Party at Ramble Supply Co.

    Waiting for you to arrive! 

    2017 UPstudio Planner Release Party at Ramble Supply Co.

    2017 UPstudio Planner Release Party at Ramble Supply Co.

    2017 UPstudio Planner Release Party at Ramble Supply Co.

    The party wouldn't have been complete without our biggest supporters!

    2017 UPstudio Planner Release Party

    or a team picture.. 

    2017 UPstudio Planner Release Party at Ramble Supply Co.

    2017 UPstudio Planners are now on the shelf and available at Ramble Supply Co.

    2017 UPstudio Planner Release Party at Ramble Supply Co.

    Bullet Journaling and the UPstudio Planner October 13, 2016 05:30

    Hi, Mary Beth here, let me preface this blog post with: I am 1/2 owner and designer of a company founded on creating the perfect paper planner, I know this. So why am I sharing about bullet journaling? Isn't it competing with the traditional paper planner? Kind of would be my answer. The UPstudio Planner is however one of the most versatile on the market. There are great components of the bullet journal system that can be incorporated into the UPstudio Planner format. The tweaks we made to the 2017 UPstudio Planner make it even easier to utilize the bullet journal system. 

    Today I'm going to share one way to accomplish this. Just as the UPstudio Planner is versatile and adaptable, so is the bullet journal system, thus, there are plenty of different ways to pair the two together, this is just one idea. 

    The bullet journal system is comprised of 4 key concepts: Indexing, Collections, Rapid-Logging, and Migration.


    Typically your index is at the front of your bullet journal where you keep track of what you use every page for, every collection you make, whether it be your weekly layout, or a list of books to read. In the new 2017 UPstudio Planner layout the first portion of the planner is our monthly and weekly layouts and then the second half consists of 54 numbered graph pages. So the first two pages of the graph paper section can be your index to catalog what is on the remaining 52 pages. The nice parts is that you don't have to use this section for your monthly or weekly layouts, just your additional collections. I also plan to keep my "key" on the first page to remind me of my bullet types and signifiers for my rapid-logging.

    Bullet Journal Index with the 2017 UPstudio Planner


    The remaining pages of the graph paper section can be used for all of your collections. Whether it be a habit tracker, a birthday list, meal planner, whatever you want. Just remember to log your collections in your index for easy reference. The page markers also make it easy to turn to your next fresh page. 

    Bullet Journal Collections with the 2017 UPstudio Planner

    Rapid-Logging / Migration

    The UPstudio Planner weekly layout is what really sets the planner apart. The flexibility of the layout really lends itself to rapid-logging and migration. I use the top portion for my list of tasks, and then I use the lower sections to separate out events and notes. I personally like separating out these lists instead of incorporating them all together, helps me prioritize better. Tasks that I don't complete that day, I mark as migrated, and add them to the following day, or later that week. When I add a new collection to my "collection section" or graph paper at the back I reference it by its page number on my weekly view to help me locate it faster.

    Bullet Journal Rappid Logging and Migration with 2017 UPstudio Planner

    Are you a bullet journaler or want to give it a try? We shared some great resources previously to help get you started. When you're ready, try out a free sample of the 2017 UPstudio Planner and see if it works for your bullet journaling style. 

    Lessons Learned: Starting a Business With a Friend October 06, 2016 05:00

    "Should I start a new business with a friend?"

    Mary Beth and I have been asked this question multiple times because this is exactly what we did with UPstudio.  We are in a unique position, since we work together in our day jobs, so in actuality, we had been working together for years prior to the founding of UPstudio.  We knew we worked well together because of that, and because of our friendship.  But, we have given a lot of thought to this question since we've been working together.  Our short answer is yes, start a new business with a friend - with the huge caveat that it has to be the right person.  Starting a business is kind of a big deal, and there are a ton of factors that go in to it - more than we realized when we started out.  During a 'Real Talk' interview that we did with Earn Spend Live, we discussed a bit about what it's like to work with a friend and if we would recommend it.  The article touches on a few points, but here are some more in depth thoughts that we highly recommend considering before you jump in with a partner:

    Do you like this person?
    Seriously.  This seems like a silly question, but you have to take into account how much time you'll be spending together... even when you're not together, you're still communicating all day long.  MB and I often text early in the morning, talk on our lunch breaks at our day jobs, and then text / call / skype again in the evenings.  We have meetings on nights and weekends, and we go to festivals and shows together where we sell our products.  You're basically committing to a level just below marriage, so make sure you actually like your potential business partner.

    Do your goals align?
    What does the idea of this business mean to both of you - is it a hobby?  A career?  A creative outlet?  If you're not on the same page with where your business is headed, then it could be an awkward and unfair division of responsibilities.  In addition to your business goals, you need to consider your overall life goals (this sounds intense, but hear me out) - for example, MB and I both have families with small kids, and it's extremely important to both of us that even if we dedicate a lot of extra time to UPstudio, our families are always still our top priority.  If you start a business with someone who has kids and you don't, then there's the potential for things to feel a little one-sided on occasion.  MB and I are also both Christians, so we know that our top priorities outside of working together always align.  

    Do you work well together?
    This is another one of those questions that seems silly to ask yourself, but it is a legitimate question.  You might like someone, but not be able to work with them.  If you don't agree on something, will you be able to work it out and make a compromise?  We make all kinds of decisions for UPstudio on almost a daily basis.  Most of the time we agree, but sometimes we don't.  In those instances, we take the time to understand each other's point of view, and are able to make an informed decision from there.  In the end, we're always both on board with whatever decision is made.  As mentioned above, MB and I have the unique advantage of working together in our day jobs.  I am an architect and she is a structural engineer, so we've coordinated a number of buildings together, and we knew from that experience that our communication was open and we are able to solve problems together.

    Do you have the same financial goals and responsibilities?
    Starting a business isn't free.  There are a lot of legal things that need to happen before a business is official (but that's all for another blog post!) but even if your business is something like running an Etsy store, there is generally always some sort of cost associated with what you're doing.  Who purchases supplies for your product?  Marketing and promotion materials?  Money is a sensitive area, so you want to make sure that you and your partner are either 100% equal on what is invested, or that you are both 100% comfortable with the division of financial responsibilities (but we recommend the 50/50 split!) 

    Do you both have passion for your business?
    This one is pretty simple.  If you aren't both willing to give it 100% most of the time, then you probably shouldn't start the business.  It's pretty obvious that if one person feels 'meh' while they other one is 'YES' then whoever is less enthusiastic will continue to be less enthusiastic, leaving majority of the work left for the other person.  You have to love what you're doing for there to be a future, or for starting a business to make sense in the first place.

    Do you have a balance of responsibilities?
    When we were first kicking around the idea of creating UPstudio, MB and I sat down and talked about what each of our responsibilities would be.  MB shared that she was much more interested in the business side of things, including accounting, determining which website host would be best, writing code, etc, while I was much more interested in the design and creation of our products.  This does not mean that the other one of us is not interested in the other side and that we don't invest effort in those things too, but it gave us a pretty clear division of responsibilities that just happened to work out perfectly.  One of us will generate an idea, whether it's business or design related, and the designated person will run with it, then we'll meet again to talk about it, make changes, and finalize.  Basically, it's a huge team effort with our main roles defined.  Another note about working with a partner is that life happens.  Sometimes you just can't make things work with your personal schedule, and that is to be expected.  When you're working with someone that you can count on, they can help pick up your slack when you just can't do it.  MB and I have each had babies in the short time that UPstudio has been founded, and during those times, one person is clearly doing that majority of the work - but we're happy to do that for each other, because we know that we'll get that same effort in return when something comes up for us, no question.

    All in all, working with a partner is great.  They can inspire you, challenge you, and share all the joys and struggles of running a business.  You're also held accountable when someone is counting on you - I believe you have more of a chance of being successful in a business with a partner - the right partner.  I know I have the right one for this!  (awwwwwww)

    Awesome outtakes from a photo session earlier this year

    2017 UPstudio Planner Release Party September 29, 2016 05:00

    To celebrate the release of the 2017 UPstudio Planner, Jessie of Ramble Supply Co. has graciously offered to host a release party at her shop!

    UPstudio 2017 Planner Release Party

    We would love to celebrate with you all. It will be very casual, stop in when you can for free wine and donuts. (Only the best donuts ever, provided by Manhattan Cafe.) We plan to have a display set up to share some of the behind the scenes work that was put into creating the UPstudio Planner. There will also be a raffle and giveaways (who doesn't like free stuff?).

    If you haven't done so already, don't forget to pre-order your planner and save 10%. If you plan to attend the party and want to pick up your planner there, use code RAMBLE at checkout to take off the cost of shipping. (Feel free to throw in other items you've been eyeing, you can pick them all up at the party.) If you plan to attend the party but something comes up, no worries, you'll still have a planner reserved with your name on it. We'll send you an invoice for the shipping cost and once paid, we'll get it in the mail within one business day.

    10% pre-order sale ends October 10th at 11:59pm (EDT).

    We look forward to celebrating with you! Please comment or shoot us an e-mail ( if you have any questions.

    Behind the Scenes - How We Make Decisions: Pencil Edition September 22, 2016 05:00

    If you purchased a 2016 UPstudio Planner, then you know that we give away a little treat to go with it - a pencil.  Pencils and planners go together like... peas and carrots... Forrest and Jenny... donuts and sprinkles.  Take for example a week in the life of my (Becky's) planner usage:  on Monday I wrote down all of the game times for my husband's volleyball team in my planner - in pen.  On Tuesday, I crossed those out and wrote the revised ones.  On Wednesday, same thing.  NO JOKE.  If I had been using a pencil, no problem, but that pen seriously messed with my perfectionist goals.  *Le sigh*  

    The 2016 pencil is black and we decided to use it as a marketing tool as well as a gift, so it reads ''.  We decided that we needed a little flair for the gift to go with the 2017 Planner.  Spoiler alert: we stuck with pencils, but wanted to add a phrase on there too instead of just straight marketing.  At a meeting between MB and myself, we generated ideas and came up with a list of phrases, narrowing that down to a short list, and choosing from there.  (Keep in mind, this was after a full day of work at our day jobs (remember, we're an architect and engineer, UPstudio is our side hustle), we both have mom brains on fleek, and at least half of us were sleep deprived with a newborn, so things got a little silly.  We're keeping it real in this post.)

    These are the ideas that we used as a guide to generate phrases:

    • We love planners.
    • We love lists.
    • We love hard copies.
    • We love mail.
    • (Disclaimer:  We also love trees despite our love of paper products, let's just clarify that right now)

    These are the phrases that we considered for the pencils:

    • No need to click save
    • Take note
    • Paper products are my BFF
    • Send real mail
    • No internet required
    • No need for a backup
    • Don't worry about crashing
    • Save As
    • I like the way you work it - no digital (If you're not singing Blackstreet in your head right now, then forget being my friend.  Just kidding.  Kind of.)
    • No charging required
    • Digital schmidgital
    • Digital is for dummies
    • Digital tools are for tools
    • Old school rules
    • Who needs trees, use paper*
    • This only killed one tree*
    • Paper vs Digital
    • Paper for the win
    • I look perfect on your desk
    • I <3 paper

    And the winner is...


    In white!  With gold letters!  Perfection!  What other phrase would you like to see?  Leave a comment below and we'll consider all ideas for 2018 (it's coming faster than you think!)

    *We really do love trees

    August Bullet Journal Collections September 15, 2016 05:00

    In the last blog post focusing on bullet journaling we gave you a brief introduction and pointed you to some great resources regarding what bullet journaling is and how it might be perfect for your life. So, head back for a refresher.

    On the bullet journal website there are great free starter guides that you can stick in your journal as a reference as you get started to help you create some consistency. But the beauty of bullet journaling is the versatility and flexibility to adapt the system to what works for you. 

    Every page in your bullet journal is referred to as a collection (of which you index). Today I wanted to share some of the collections I created in August to help you visualize the system and for inspiration. (For quick reference: If you're using the UPstudio Arrow Journal for your bullet journal system each page is 44 spaces by 28 spaces when you're dividing up your layout.)

    Birthday List

    I am super bad at remembering birthdays so I decided to start gathering them together (from phone contacts, planner, outlook calendar, husband's brain, etc) and make a master list. Don't worry if you haven't made the cut yet, it is a work in progress!

    UPstudio - Bullet Journal - Birthday List

    Habit Tracker

    I've been trying to hold myself more accountable to things I'd like to do more regularly, to try and create better habits. I thought a visual representation of some of those things might help to motivate me.

    UPstudio - Bullet Journal - Habit Tracker

    Daily To-Do Lists

    I'm a list maker, that is for sure! I tried a new layout one week for my rapid daily logging. A little more appealing to the eye when compared to my average week, I think I like it. Pretty and still 100% functional.

    UPstudio - Bullet Journal - Weekly To- Do List for Daily Rapid Logging

    Have you started using the bullet journal system (or been at it awhile)? If so, we'd love to see some of your collections. Comment on this post with a link for us (and our readers) to check them out. Looking for ideas to try in September!

    FTD Free Downloadable Calendar September 08, 2016 05:00

    Flowers are my go-to gift.  No matter if you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or thanking a hostess, flowers can always make a person smile.  When sending flowers, I typically order online, pick out the arrangement that I think the recipient would like best, and that's that.  Who knew that a lot of these companies actually have more than just flowers and gifts on their website?  FTD recently reached out to us about their printable calendars, and we were surprised to learn that they not only have printables, but a blog too!  We dug around and found these fun posts about rainbow tulips and rainbow roses.  Seriously, how cool are these roses?!

    The calendar is also right up our alley.  We love that there are options on styles, and the bright colors are fun, especially as summer is winding down and cooler temperatures will soon set in.  Here is how FTD describes them:

    "It’s never too late to start fresh and to revamp your calendar for the rest of the year. To help you stay organized in style, FTD created these printable calendars inspired by vintage floral prints. Featuring beautiful blooms like peonies, poppies, and tulips, these calendars are a colorful and fun way to help you plan. Choose from either a foldable desktop size that can sit upright, or a larger wall size that you can hang up. These calendars will be sure to add a pop of color and inspiration to your workspace!"

    We love that September even features succulents!

    What month is your favorite design?  Oh, and if you want to send us flowers, we won't turn them down (hint hint!)


    Free Weekly Layout Download Available for the 2017 UPstudio Planner September 01, 2016 05:30

    To close-out the Planning a Planner v2017 blog series last week we discussed the small tweaks made to the weekly layout that we feel improve the overall usage and versatility. 

    For some, the flexible and non-confining format might be a little overwhelming. If you're not familiar with this type of layout, we encourage you to try it out! A free download of the 2017 weekly layout is now available in the shop. This is a great way to figure out how the design can best work for you and give it a test run before committing to a purchase.

    2017 UPstudio Planner Free Weekly Layout Download

    Please note that the layout has been scaled to fit on an 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper for your convenience, which makes it slightly smaller than actual size.

    Love the sample? Think the layout would be perfect to help you organize your life? Well, you're in luck, 2017 UPstudio Planners are available for pre-order. Place your order by October 10th to save 10%! 

    Use the free download to help finish out 2016 and prepare for 2017 or there are still a few 2016 planners available for purchase at a discounted price.

    Pre-Order a 2017 UPstudio Planner Today! August 26, 2016 05:00

    Over the past four weeks in our blog series, Planning a Planner v2017, we've shared the upcoming improvements and changes to the 2017 UPstudio Planner.  We personally are thrilled about the new 2017 version and can't wait to start using it!

    Today, we are excited to announce that you can pre-order one of these beauties for yourself!

    Pre-Order Your 2017 UPstudio Planner Today!

    What is even better? A sale! If you pre-order your planner before October 10th, you'll save 10%. Pre-ordered planners are only $36, regularly priced at $40! All planners will ship Monday, October 10th. 

    We would love for you to join us to celebrate the release of the 2017 planner on October 14th in Raleigh, North Carolina at Ramble Supply Co. If you plan to attend and want to pick up your planner there, use code RAMBLE at checkout to take off the cost of shipping. (Feel free to throw in other items you've been eyeing, you can pick them all up at the party.) If you plan to attend the party but something comes up, no worries, you'll still have a planner reserved with your name on it. We'll send you an invoice to cover the shipping cost and once you've paid, we'll get it in the mail within one business day.

    We thought extensively about all aspects of this planner, down to every last line and letter. The difference in a quality product is in the details. At UPstudio, we believe in creating products that are affordable, attractive, versatile, and fit for people in all walks of life. We hope the flexibility and non-confining layout of this planner works for you. Flip through a sample of the UPstudio 2017 Planner by clicking here.

    On our blog, you can read about the development process of our inaugural planner, as well as improvements and changes we've made to the 2017 version

    Details and Highlights:

    • 12 month calendar from January, 2017 to December, 2017.
    • Planner Dimensions: Roughly 6.25" wide and 9.25" and 1" thick.
    • Binding: Smyth Sewn Binding
    • Cover: Gray leather with simple deboss design.
    • Gray elastic closure band to aid in portability and durability of planner.
    • Each month includes: A two page goal sheet, a two page month view, followed by a two page week view for each week. The main design goal of the layout is versatility. We want every space to be useful, but for you to be able to set the purpose. 
    • 54 pages of graph paper are included at the end of the planner. They have page numbers for easy reference. (IE: On your month or week layout you can easily reference the graph page where you took notes or jotted down a quick list.)
    • A two page month view included for December 2016 and January 2018. 
    • There are two different colored ribbon markers to help you flip to your desired page quickly.
    • Integral tabs are printed along the side of the layout to help you flip to the desired month.
    • Interior pages are 70 lb text paper. We did a lot of tests with different types of pens, pencils, and sharpies to choose a paper type that has minimal bleed through without making the planner too thick.
    • Includes two folders affixed to the front and back covers (We personally use it for invitations, coupons, and receipts, but the options are endless.) They are large enough to safely store a 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper folded in half.

    Pre-order yours today!

    Planning a Planner v2017, Part IV August 25, 2016 05:00

    The week layout of the UPstudio Planner is what we feel most sets us apart from other planners on the market today.  While we still believe that all details are important, in the end the layout needs to be 100% usable or else you are just left with a (very attractive, high quality) unused notebook.  We worked hard to create our initial layout, first studying designs of planners we had each used in the past, and discussing how we liked to work and keep track of schedules, appointments, lists, etc.  From these conversations we designed a prototype and polled a focus group to use the sample for two months.  After receiving comments and seeing how each individual used the planner, we re-evaluated the layout with fresh eyes.  You can read more about our process of using a focus group here.  We took all comments into consideration and made a number of good changes based on feedback, and the UPstudio 2016 planner was born. 

    Fast forward several months to when we started producing the 2017 planner.  We had been using our individual planners but were also still welcoming comments (good, bad and ugly) from other users as well.  We previously discussed the changes in binding type, the struggle with tabs, and overall features in earlier blog posts.  In general, the week layout has stayed largely the same, but we've made some tweaks that we think will take usage to the next level.

    For starters, we wanted to evaluate overall aesthetics.  We believe in versatility so there's not any frill in the planner.  If you like bright colors or inspirational quotes already printed, then this is not the planner for you.  This planner is designed to work for the executive or the stay at home parent just as well as it works for the college student, and therefore simple aesthetics and layout are critical.  If you're feeling artsy one week, add all the color!  If you are in to washi tape and stamps, go crazy!  This will add life and personality to each individual use, but the layout is also perfectly suited for the professional or the minimalist who may not prefer all the extras you might see in other planners.  We LOVE seeing how you've personalized your planner, so please feel free to send us photos or tag us on social media.  Check out how this 2016 planner was personalized by a user:

    Similarly, if you want your planner to tell you exactly how to use it, from planning out your breakfast, lunch, dinner, finances, goal setting, and how to run your day 12am-11:59pm, then you'll be disappointed.  The layout is once again meant for versatility - not just from person to person, but for a single individual from week to week.  On the week layout the only labels provided are for each day and date of the week.  Otherwise the blank spaces are meant to be filled in by the user for whatever works best for them.  Because the layout is so open-ended, there is a page at the front of the planner with suggestions for use.


    One comment that we continued to get was in regard to the times column - that when used, it was very difficult to follow the column across pages and into all days of the week.  In the 2016 layout, the column is on the left side of the left hand page only.  In order to address this, the layout for the 2017 planner now includes the same times column on the left side of the right page, along with tic marks between each day, matching the position of each time.  To more easily find a particular hour, the tic mark for noon is slightly darker for clear designation.  Some users ignore the times column completely, so the tic marks and columns are subtle and do not take up usable space.  Once again, it's all about versatility!

    In general, you'll notice a few changes that clean things up from the 2016 design.  Font sizes and weights are more consistent, as well as areas of graph on goals and week layouts.  The small calendars found throughout the planner have been simplified, and some spacing has changed to make sure each component has enough breathing room.  We believe all of these changes will make daily use even better.

    If you're not familiar with this type of layout, we encourage you to see how it works for you!  There is a free download of the 2016 layout specifically for users to try before making a purchase if you're not quite comfortable.  We will offer this again with the updated changes for 2017 in the near future.  There's still plenty of time left in the year, and there are still a few 2016 planners available for purchase at a discounted price.

    Now, who's ready for 2017 so we can start using these beauties?!

    Planning a Planner v2017, Part III August 18, 2016 08:00 1 Comment

    In Part I of this series we shared the big changes coming to the 2017 planner regarding the binding type and cover durability. (We are so stoked!)

    In Part II we shared the soul crushing reality that our design approach to tabs had to change. 

    This week is more like a potpourri post, sharing a handful of small tweaks that we feel improve the overall versatility of the 2017 planner.

    1. FOLDERS:

    In the 2016 version, the double sided folder was bound in the planner at the very front. Due to the binding type change we had to move the folder to the front and back cover. We will still have two folders for those that already have a system worked out from last year, they will just be in slightly different locations. Each folder is configured differently (again for added versatility). The folder attached to the front cover looks like this:

    UPstudio 2017 Planner New Front Folder

    The folder attached to the back cover is slightly different:

     UPstudio 2017 Planner New Back Folder


    Falling between tabs in the 2016 planner was a one page goal sheet, a two page month layout, a two page week layout for each week, followed by 5 sheets of graph paper. We found that from month to month the number of graph pages we used varied. Sometimes we needed more and sometimes we didn't use a single sheet. In the months where we needed more we ended up writing on the graph paper included for the preceding or following month, making it hard to locate our notes. To remedy this in the 2017 planner, we moved all of the graph paper to the end of the book. There will be 54 total sheets included with page numbers for easy referencing. So on any given Wednesday at my project meeting, I can write on my calendar under my 2pm appointment that I took notes on page 22. With the two ribbon markers incorporated in the new binding it will be easy to mark where to find your next available graph page.

     UPstudio 2017 Planner has 54 pages of Graph Paper at the end with Page Numbers


    We heard rave reviews regarding the monthly goal sheet included in the 2016 planner layout. One pro to tabs not working out was that we were able to increase the goal sheet to now cover two pages. Result: more room for notes, tracking, and diagramming to help get your month started right!

     UPstudio 2017 Planner has a two page goal sheet for each month


    We personally are so excited about the new look and feel of the 2017 planner and we can't wait to start using it. Selfishly and also to help you out, we included a full size two page month layout for December 2016 so that we can all start early. A full size two page month layout for January 2018 is also included at the end of the planner layout. Everyone has that random January appointment you make in June that you try to remember.

     UPstudio Planner has a two page month view for December 2016

    What do you think? Good? Bad? Any change in particular that excites or disappoints you?

    Next week we will focus on the upcoming improvements to the weekly layout, which is what we feel sets the UPstudio planner apart from most others on the market.

    AND THEN.... Pre-ordering!! Stay tuned for details.

    Planning a Planner v2017, Part II August 11, 2016 05:00

    At UPstudio, we try to be as transparent as possible, in an effort to offer the best possible products that we can.  Every aspect of each product has been 100% thought out by two admittedly type-a and borderline OCD designers (that's us, hi!).  That's why when we can't find a perfect solution to something, it hurts our hearts a little bit.  We want to be open about a change in the 2017 planner that might be considered a drawback from the 2016 version (as was alluded to in last week's blog post): there are no tabs.

    This change is a direct result of changing the binding and cover type, which we felt were more important and crucial upgrades.  Because of the way the 2016 planner was bound, with the wire-o coil, punching holes in different types and more specifically, different sizes and shapes of paper was no big deal.  The tab pages were simply collated into the overall book.  With smyth binding, the pages are trimmed for a final time after they are bound, which makes having different size sheets extremely difficult.   It is not impossible, but it just doesn't look good.  In our proof, the tab pages are actually glued to an adjacent page, which makes two pages turn at the same time. We worked with our printer extensively to try to find a way to make this work, but in the end, we accepted that this was something we would have to sacrifice for now.  Here is a sample version of what tabs inserted into smyth binding looks like (we didn't even mess this up for added drama, it's really just that bad).  

    It's obvious that these tabs wouldn't hold up, but we weren't satisfied with simply kissing them goodbye completely, so it was back to the drawing board.  We researched customizable tabs that can be applied after the fact, but we didn't love that the buyer would have to purchase something in addition to the planner itself, or that the layout of interior pages would need to address this addition that might not be included on every planner (depending on if the buyer also purchased these tabs or not).  

    Our final decision was to incorporate printed tabs along the edge of the interior layouts so that when flipping through the planner, the user can easily locate the desired month.  We believe that this is the best solution as it will allow for quicker finds and doesn't obstruct the clean look of having one size and shape for all sheets within the planner.  

    In addition to the integral printed tabs, the inclusion of two ribbons incorporated into the binding will be a huge help for marking a page.  We anticipate using these a ton, and might like the idea of them even more than tabs.  Another quick way to find a particular place is by utilizing fun clips.  Who doesn't need an arrow clip to point them directly to their destination?!

    The new binding and cover type also do not allow for the planner to fold back on itself, or to easily clip a pencil or pen to it as is possible with the current coil binding (two things that we felt were advantages with the 2016 planner).  Again, these are things that we felt were worth changing in order to make the more important change of durability and simplicity.  We use our personal planners all year long and transport them with us to all kinds of destinations.  In other words, we need these babies to stand up to abuse, weather, accidentally knocking our morning coffee over, toddler hands, etc.

    So, change happens right?  We're beyond excited about these planners overall and truly believe that these changes are for the better.  We hope you agree, but would love to hear your thoughts.  Comment if you have an opinion!

    Planning a Planner v2017, Part I August 04, 2016 08:00 2 Comments

    First off, we appreciate all of the honest feedback we received regarding the UPstudio 2016 Planner. Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to our inquires and share your thoughts. We are genuine when we say that we are always looking for areas to improve and grow. So please, never hesitate to shoot us an e-mail or contact us via social media, we would love to hear from you.

    UPstudio was founded on the idea of creating a planner that is affordable, attractive, versatile, and fit for people in all walks of life. We have tackled a lot of other fun projects along the way, but our planner is still our main focus. 2016 was the inaugural year for the UPstudio planner. We are proud of what we were able to create. The process was challenging and we learned a ton. Over the next month as we ramp up for the UPstudio 2017 Planner release we will be sharing some of the behind the scenes work in a four part blog series, "Planning a Planner v2017". 

    We featured a similar series last year, Planning a Planner, where you can read all about the hard work we put into getting the 2016 planner off the ground. We won't go into all of the details here, but feel free to refresh before we get started.

    For the 2016 planner, the bulk of the decisions we made were based on personal preferences, our experiences with previous planners, and a focus group we had try out a sample. Our inaugural year was tough because we were creating something out of nothing, pulling all our ideas together and making what we thought were the best decisions.

    When our creation finally arrived, we first gave ourselves a pat on the back and showed it off to everyone because we were so proud, and then we started critiquing it and seeing the imperfections, or should we say room for growth. Having a product in your hand to improve upon is significantly easier than starting from scratch. We aren't saying that this year has been a cake walk, but hopefully each year will continue to get easier as we have more experience under our belts and more lessons learned.

    The two areas of improvement we are going to focus on today are the cover and the binding, because they kind of go hand in hand.

    We heard you all loud and clear, and we completely agree with you, that the 2017 planner needed a cover that was more durable. So we started researching more sturdy materials that were acceptable cover types with the wire-o binding. The options were limited, which lead us to question our binding choice. The binding was a little bigger than we expected, the way it connects allowed the back cover to become detached, and it made it hard to write on Wednesday (or Thursday for those lefties out there). But what were our other options, and would those options give us a more durable cover? We also didn't want to compromise on the appearance of the binding, or sacrifice the ability of the planner to lay flat.

    After a lot of research (and really I'm skipping over MONTHS here) we decided to go with a smyth sewn binding (sometimes called section sewn), which is a type of hardcover binding. For those of you familiar with Moleskine notebooks, the binding is very similar. 

    A simplified version of how this binding type works:

    Your book is printed booklet style in 16 or 24 page sections called signatures. Those signatures are folded in half and sewn together along the folds. A spine is glued to set the thread and edges of the signatures. The collection of signatures is called a text block. Finally the cover material is adhered. (Timelapse of process.) We pulled apart an old notebook to help you visualize:

    Smyth Binding - UPstudio

    This is the complete text block. You can see all of the individual signatures adhered to the white spine. The ridges seen along the spine are where the thread passes between signatures.

     Smyth Binding - UPstudio

    Here we have pulled back the white spine exposing one of those "ridges". As we pull apart each signature you can see how they are threaded together. There are many different stitch types and threading styles used in smyth sewn binding.

    Smyth Binding - UPstudio

    Here we have opened to the center of one of the signatures. You can see how there are two pieces of thread that pass through the fold, one connecting the signature to the proceeding signature and one connecting it to the following signature.

    Just last week we received our printed sample of the 2017 UPstudio Planner with the new binding!!! 

    UPstudio 2017 Planner Sample

    So sleek, right? The cover will be debossed similar to the 2016 UPstudio Planner with a simple 2017 to add a little character and make it easier to distinguish. But the final product will be almost identical to the one pictured above.

    (Such a big reveal, totally worth reading through all that wordy stuff at the top of this post, right?)

    The benefits of this type of binding in regards to the UPstudio planner:

    1. The cover is a thicker chipboard compared to the 2016 planner and it is covered with a durable gray leather making it significantly more sturdy. 
    2. This type of binding in comparison to the standard hardcover binding gives the planner the ability to lay flat (so no sacrifice there).
    3. Aesthetically we find the binding just as pleasing as the wire-o binding. Honestly, I think we'd rank this higher. 
    4. The planner seems more gender neutral.
    5. The back cover can no longer escape.
    6. Writing on Wednesdays (or Thursdays) will no longer be a struggle.
    7. The new binding type made it easier to add an elastic closure mechanism.
    8. We were also able to add two ribbon markers to assist in turning right to the page you desire.

    Overall we feel switching to the smyth sewn binding type is a huge improvement. There is one semi-downside/challenge that presented itself, but we'll leave you in suspense and discuss that in next week's post.

    This is a pretty major change, we would love to hear your thoughts. Good? Bad?

    (Congrats, you made it all the way to the bottom! Dedication! As your reward, $5 off the 2016 UPstudio Planner with code HAPPYPLANNING. Valid through Sunday, 8/7 at midnight. Yes, that means a planner for $5!)