Major Facepalm Moment January 13, 2021 09:00

Just one full week into 2021 and we're here to let you know about a *Major Facepalm* moment. A printing error was brought to our attention in the 2021 Weekly Planners: in the weekly layout, included in the week of March 22-28, March 24 is listed on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Yikes! 

We sincerely apologize to purchasers for this error. We are a 2-woman show, and we make every effort to read, proofread, and proofread again before going to print, but this error managed to slip by us. We hope that you will accept our apologies for this glitch in the planner matrix. We especially apologize to all March 23 birthdays, anniversaries, etc. We see you, March 23!

If you already purchased a 2021 UPstudio Weekly Planner, check your e-mail from us with a coupon code you can use on your next UPstudio purchase!

Major Facepalm