Planning a Planner v2021 November 17, 2020 08:00

It's been said that a planner was one of the worst purchases that could have been made for 2020. Who are we to disagree - no one could have predicted what this year had in store! All we know is that we personally thrive on organization, and if there is something small that we could control this year, that gave us some comfort. Planners help us do that.

In addition to just surviving, we did focus efforts of making some updates to the 2021 Weekly and Monthly planners. If you know anything about UPstudio, you should know that we are a company that listens, that will respond to every (yes, every) comment, suggestion, and question about the products that we make (we also LOVE getting mail from you guys!) While we didn't receive much feedback with suggestions for updates or changes this year, we still took a step back to look at what might need to be revised.

You may remember that for the 2020 planners, we included a number of additional holidays to celebrate different cultures and backgrounds. We reviewed these again this year and realized that a few key holidays were still missing. As a reminder, some are difficult to put in print, because they are defined by lunar patterns and are not determinable until later in the calendar year.  These were not included, but we are happy to announce that Juneteenth and Indigenous Peoples' Day are now included holidays in Weekly and Monthly planners. 

These 2021 Planners though? They're dreamy - this is the best run of planners our printer has been able to provide us in years and we are so so excited to share them with you. We hope you are as happy with them as we are, and that they might help make 2021 just a little easier to manage.

Is It 2021 Yet? November 12, 2020 13:12

It's been quite a year. I know some of you are ready to throw out your 2020 planners and start fresh with 2021 (we totally don't blame you!) Pre-orders for 2021 planners are live, so head to the shop now to pick up your UPstudio Weekly and Monthly planners (link to Weekly Planner, link to Monthly Planner). These will begin shipping November 16, 2020.

We sincerely hope that 2021 finds you happy, healthy, and ready to take on new challenges - after this year, we can handle anything. Let's get planning!

2021 UPstudio Planners Available