UPstudio Reviews March 8, 2018 05:00

People today are shopping online more and more frequently.  You can't beat the convenience of having something delivered straight to your door, but it's sometimes a risk since you don't have an opportunity to touch and feel a product to know if it's truly what you want.  In order to gain some assurance before ordering, many people first look at the reviews.  How many stars has the product received?  Do other people find it useful?  Is it really what the photos show?  User reviews are priceless, and help to verify a product, and in many cases, justify future purchases. 

As a small business, we can't say enough about how critical these reviews are!  Because we have a small reach, we rely on our website to do a lot of heavy lifting for us in regards to marketing.  Our photographs need to be simple, clean and authentic to showcase our products in a true light, and reviews need to be as high as possible with positive information about both our products and our company.  We value good customer service and high quality products, and are proud to say that we have received many wonderful reviews. 

If you haven't taken the time to review an UPstudio product on our website, on Etsy, or on Amazon, please take a minute and do so.  And don't forget to do the same for other small businesses, trust me, they appreciate it more than you know!

Here are a few reviews that we have received - THANK YOU to those who have left any comments and ratings!

(2018 Planner - 5 Stars on UPstudio Website)
I always envied the planners of my friends who had a Day Designer or something similar, but they were way too over-the-top and bulky for my needs. After some research I found UPstudio and the perfect planner for me. I specifically wanted a planner with weekly pages and room within each date for a daily to-do list, and this has the perfect layout. It also has a nice monthly view as well. I feel very on top of my weeks now!

Also, the graph pages at the end are perfect for taking notes on events, interviews, or for more intense lists and planning, all in the same portable package and without the need for a separate journal.

Just bought my 2018 planner and excited for many more years
(Customer Service - 5 Stars on UPstudio Website)
I want to commend UPstudio for their excellent customer service. When I experienced an issue with my 2018 planner, they promptly made it right. I will be using UPstudio planners for years to come because of the excellent way that they treated me, in addition to the fact that I find the UPstudio planners the best fit for me. Thank you very much! Keep up the great work! 
(2018 Planner - 5 Stars on UPstudio Website)
If they ever stop making these planners I’ll cry. No suggestions or complaints here. This planner is perfect in form and function from cover to cover.
(2018 Planner - 5 Stars on UPstudio Website)
I love this planner! It is logically laid out for a large overview calendar at the beginning of the month, with weekly, more detailed scheduling between the months, and great grid pages on the back half for any projects. Bullet journaling is great with this. I personally do not like college and wide ruled pages, as most of my projects need more flexibility in planning out than what lined pages allows. The durability and quality of this book is amazing! The thick heavy cover is extremely well made and durable. The pages are thick and my pens do not bleed through. The pockets on the front and back make it easy to keep up with random little papers (great for receipts!). The elastic strap wears well and does not stretch out over time like many of my other notebooks have done. I'm cheap, and I spurge each year on one of these! It is well worth it!
(Everyday Cards - 5 Stars on UPstudio Website)
I got the arrow everyday cards & am thrilled with them. They're surprisingly thick - I'm not sure I've held paper this thick before & they feel like they're super high quality. The design is on point & I've already used 2 for unexpected & very different reasons. I'm so glad I had these on hand because they're less formal than something like a Hallmark card that feels like you need to find the "right one" to match the event, yet they're so much more personal than just an email. I'm definitely going to get more!!
(2018 Planner - 5 Stars on Etsy)

Heidi on Jan 2, 2018