Planning a Planner v2020 October 12, 2019 10:49

We've said it before and we'll keep on saying it - we care about what UPstudio Planner users think.  We're always happy to receive feedback on the planners - good or bad.  In the end we want to create the best planner we can, and to do that sometimes we need a fresh outlook.  This is where you come in.  This past year, we received 2 similar comments from multiple users that informed updates that you will see in the 2020 Weekly and Monthly Planners.

The first update is a full year outlook - the same future planning pages that are included in the back of the planner for the upcoming year are now also included at the front of the planner for the current year.  This can be used for any number of things - tracking birthdays and anniversaries, planning reading or daily goals, etc.  We would love to hear how you plan to use this! 

The second update for the Weekly and Monthly Planners is the inclusion of more holidays.  We received an email from a user that indicated that the planner was a Christian planner, and this user wished that they had known that prior to purchase. They were not a Christian, but had felt an offense at the fact that no holidays other than Christian holidays were included in the planners, and that there was a Bible verse included in the front greeting page.  We responded to the email with explanation - that at the time we were creating the original planner, we looked at many other planners and included holidays that were also included in those.  As for the Bible verse, well, we are Christian women, and this was our personal introduction and thank you for purchasing the planner.  We felt this was an appropriate location to include something personal to us.  We are Christians, but the planner is not a specific Christian planner. We sent this response back, but we knew this wasn't a final resolution.

While we personally only celebrate some holidays, we have friends and colleagues who celebrate others.  We respect other ethnicities and religions and want to learn from others that celebrate different holidays. This also aligns with our desire for the planners to be versatile. We took another long hard look at holidays to be included.  Some are difficult to put in print, because they are defined by lunar patterns and are not determinable until later in the calendar year.  These were not included, but we are pleased to include a number of holidays celebrating many beliefs and cultures. 

We are excited to get the 2020 Planners in your hands and look forward to hearing your thoughts about these changes. Pre-order your Weekly or Monthly Planner today to get yours right when they come in, and save 15% while you're at it - just use code 'FINALLY' at checkout.