New Year, New Hope December 31, 2020 11:00

EW 2020 Schitt's Creek Ornament

(Ornament purchased from CraftsByChelleUS's Etsy Shop)

2021, we've been waiting for you. You've given us a hope in some tough months of a better future, where we won't take things for granted like we may have before. You're bringing with you a vaccine for the public, and awareness of ways that we can improve as individuals and as a country. 

You're also bringing what is honestly the best run of UPstudio Planners that we have ever seen. We're the first to admit when something is an issue with a planner, and we've had a lot of lessons learned from both design and print issues. We've taken all of those lessons and now are reaping the benefits in our favorite planners of all times (and you guys, our standards are Very High).

If you haven't grabbed one yet, planners are still available for purchase!

We sincerely wish you a safe, happy and healthy New Year.

Happy 2021, and Happy Planning!