uggh.. Unraveling Ribbon! August 9, 2018 05:00

Please raise your hand if you are tired of the unraveling ribbon on your UPstudio Planner? (Becky and I both raised two hands!)

We just wanted to reassure you all that we have had multiple conversations with our printer about the best way to resolve this. The solution we have settled on for the 2019 UPstudio Planner:

  1. The ribbons will be fired on the end to hopefully prevent unraveling and fraying.
  2. The ribbons will also be thicker which should help.The ribbon in the 2018 planner is 0.021mm thick. In 2019 they will be 0.033mm. They will also have a slightly different texture, which we feel will look a bit better.

Crossing our fingers we don't have this same frustration next year! 

We are working hard to improve the UPstudio Planner each year. The difference in a quality product is in the details.

UPstudio - uggh... Unraveling Ribbon!

Sidebar: I definitely googled how to spell "uggh." Anyone else remember from second grade that words like that are called an onomatopoeia? Cause I didn't!