Reduced Shipping Cost for Planners October 18, 2018 08:46

Each year we attempt to take a step back and put ourselves in your shoes and ask questions like: would we buy this product for the list price? would we spend that much on shipping?

Last year, the cost of shipping that was charged when a customer purchased an UPstudio planner was the exact cost of flat rate shipping from USPS.  We looked in to all options for shipping to get the best rates, with the required insurance for all purchases to make it to customers quickly and efficiently.  We have this same conversation with USPS every year in order to make sure we understand any changes that may have been made.  Like we said, last year we charged shipping at the exact rate that USPS charged, which was $6.85.  This year, prices for the same shipping were raised to $7.15.

We feel comfortable with the price of each planner based on the quality of the design and construction ($40 for the Weekly and $32 for the Monthly) but honestly we would be a little hesitant to spend $7.15 on shipping. So we decided this year to cover some of the shipping cost for you so that the cost of shipping doesn't deter you from purchasing one of our products. The updated shipping costs are reflected at check out. To put it simply: we decided that a single planner shouldn't cost more than $5 to ship, and we'll pick up the bill for the rest. 

When we shop online, a lot of the final decision lies with the total cost, and shipping can make or break that decision.  If you feel the same way that we do, we hope that this helps you to take the leap when purchasing a planner!

note that $5 shipping is limited to US customers only, for any UPstudio Planner