Oh hey, 2019 UPstudio Planners available for purchase! September 27, 2018 05:00

2019 UPstudio Planners Now Available

You can purchase a Weekly or Monthly UPstudio Planner for yourself today, just click here!

Each year we attempt to take a step back and put ourselves in your shoes and ask questions like: would we buy this product for the list price? would we spend that much on shipping?

We feel comfortable with the price of each product based on the quality of the design and construction ($40 for the Weekly and $32 for the Monthly) but honestly we would be a little hesitant to spend roughly $7 on shipping. So we decided this year to cover some of the shipping cost for you so that the cost of shipping doesn't deter you from purchasing one of our products. The updated shipping costs are reflected at check out. To put it simply: we decided that a single planner shouldn't cost more than $5 to ship and we'll pick up the bill for the rest. 

On our blog, you can read about the development process of our inaugural planner, as well as improvements and changes we've made to the 2018 version, and 2019 version.

The biggest announcement this year was that we are introducing a new Monthly Planner! You can read more details and flip through a sample here

If you'd like to take a test run of the weekly layout download it for free here. If you're wondering if the UPstudio Weekly planner is the best one for you, check out our blog series, "The Best Planner for... ".