The Best Planner for Keeping Resolutions January 12, 2017 05:00

This blog post is a part of the series "The Best Planner for..." which provides suggestions for ways in which you can use the UPstudio Planner.  Each post in this series will focus on a different way to utilize the planner layout. The UPstudio Planner is designed for versatility, and is suited for many uses and not limited to the featured suggestions.  Show us how you use your planner by sending us an email at, or tagging us on social media (all handles can be found on our website).

New Year's Resolutions: we all make them with the best of intentions and full of motivation.  The beginning of the year is like a fresh start, and the perfect time to begin a new goal, develop a new habit, or just do 'better' in general.  If you're anything like me, then those goals and that motivation starts to fizzle out a few weeks into the year.  Life tends to get in the way, and my resolutions turn in to "if I have time", later to be forgotten, and then turn back into resolutions for the next year.  It's the circle of life, New Year's Resolution style.

I've learned over the years to make attainable goals so that I'm not too hard on myself if I don't achieve something that's really lofty.  This year, my attainable resolution is to make chicken pot pie.  Not a Marie Calendar's CPP (because I'm already a PRO at that), but 100% from scratch with a woven pie crust top and everything.  But there are plenty of other things that I need daily encouragement on to make real changes in my life.

There are many people that are taking advantage of that first of the year momentum to start new challenges with more traditional resolutions: lose x amount of pounds, do a better job of keeping in touch with friends, pack a lunch more often, etc.  With the right tools, those resolutions could be easier to keep, helping ensure that they last not just the first few weeks of the new year, but all year long, or even all life long. The UPstudio Planner could help to keep those resolutions by holding yourself accountable with planning, and encouraging your motivation by seeing progress made.

I love one idea in particular from my friend Katie.  Katie has always loved photography, but lately has fallen out of practice with taking photos due to the daily grind of life.  At the new year, she started a 365 Project to take a photo a day.  More than the idea of the project, I love her thought behind it: "I figure even if I don't make it a whole year, the amount I do make it will improve my skills."  

The 365 Project doesn't apply to just photography - it can be suited to almost anything you can think of.  What better way to continue on with the 365 Project or any New Year's Resolution than to plan and track your progress?  Motivation doesn't breed progress, progress breeds motivation.  Keeping track of daily accomplishments by physically writing them in the UPstudio Planner will only help encourage you to keep on going, and ultimately, keep your resolution.

Are you working on resolutions this year?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Note: The above example planner layout and photographs were not by Katie.  Here are a few of her photos from the 365 Project for your enjoyment!