We Need Your Help! October 26, 2017 05:00

We're going to be candid here, because we genuinely need your help!  As the year is coming to a close, we are focusing our efforts toward online advertisement for the UPstudio Planner, and want to ensure we're choosing the best locations to advertise.  We've done market research and have plans laid out, but want to hear your opinions on the best ways to reach customers before finalizing our year-end marketing plans.

One of the most versatile points about the UPstudio Planner is that it is gender neutral, and we're finding that it appeals to men and women in almost equal quantities.  We love that our reach is growing and that the planner is popular with everyone, but we want to be able to advertise to everyone too (and honestly, we are struggling with the best way to reach men!)

Here's where you come in:  we would love your advice. We'd appreciate help specifically when it comes to understanding where men tend to browse the web and where the planner fits in a man's life.  We'd also love to know how well our current advertisements are working beyond basic analytics - simply put: how did you discover the UPstudio Planner?  Was it an ad somewhere, word of mouth, or through a simple web search?  Please comment on this post or email us (hello@upstudionc.com) with suggestions to the following questions:

  • How did you discover the UPstudio Planner?
  • If you're searching for a planner online, how do you go about your search? Where do you look? What search words do you use? What specific features do you search for?
  • Are there specific websites you go to first for the majority of your shopping?
  • Do you have any ideas of places that might be a good fit for UPstudio advertisement? 
  • Do you subscribe to anything online? Maybe a blog or a news site where you receive regular e-mails?
  • Did you know that UPstudio Planners are available on Amazon.com?  We'd love for you to leave a review for it!
  • Did you know that UPstudio Planners are available on Etsy.com?  We'd love for you to leave a review for it if you purchased through this site!
  • Which is better - red or purple Skittles?

We truly appreciate your help!  We say it all the time, and it's because it's true - your feedback is valued and always taken into consideration.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond!