UPstudio's Weekly Planning Notepad May 10, 2018 05:00

We really appreciate all of the feedback we received regarding the composition of the 2019 UPstudio Planner. If you didn't catch last week's blog post, check out some of the ideas we are thinking through. We'd love to hear your thoughts, you can use our contact form or simply e-mail us at

On to this week's blog post..

We released the Weekly Planning Notepad last September. Our goal with this product is to add one more layer of flexibility to your planning. The layout is very open and versatile. You can use the pad as a standalone planning tool or you can use it to compliment your planner.

I regularly post one on my fridge so that my family can be on the same page about what we have going on that week:

UPstudio - Weekly Planning Notepad - Family Planning

On the weeks I have time to meal plan, this notepad is a great tool, I can even make a complete grocery list in the area not delegated to specific days on the bottom:

UPstudio - Weekly Planning Notepad - Meal Planning

One of our friends uses the Weekly Planning Notepad to help organize her daily tasks:

UPstudio - Weekly Planning Notepad - Example

The opportunities are endless!

These pads are always available on our website, snag one for yourself here. For fellow Raleigh, North Carolina residents you can also purchase them at DECO Raleigh downtown.