Where in the World is the UPstudio Planner (2018 edition) April 5, 2018 05:00

Since the 2017 infographic post of Where in the World is the UPstudio Planner was so fun, we wanted to explore and compare how the reach for planners has grown in just a year.  Enjoy!


The 2018 UPstudio Planner is only sold in stores in North Carolina (for now anyway!) but this little gem called the internet makes it possible to get one from literally anywhere in the world. It's pretty amazing.  We took a look at the reach of the 2018 Planner, and thought it would be fun to share with you guys.  Who doesn't love a good map and graph? 

These maps show the states and countries where UPstudio planners now call home.  The first map is of the United States, and the second map shows our lone international traveler - all the way in Estonia!  (Shipping prices get a little steep outside of the continental US, but we're willing to ship anywhere!  Send us a message if you want more details.)


If you're wondering, that's 37 of the 50 states (up from 29 in 2017!) - and yep, you're reading that right, there's an UPstudio Planner in Hawaii (aloha!)

The official language of Estonia is Estonian, however English is one of the most popular foreign languages to learn in the country, so the UPstudio Planner is still right at home overseas.


These next graphs show the distribution of quantities sold throughout the different states and countries. No surprise, the most planners have sold in North Carolina, but we were interested to see that the next most popular state placing orders is Texas (same as 2017!) with California following close behind.


Did your state make the map?  We would love to see all 50 states and even more countries represented for the 2019 Planner!

(It's not too late to order your 2018 Planner or scratch and dent Planner!)


**US Map created with United States of America with States - Outline by FreeVectorMaps.com