What is a Scratch and Dent Planner? April 12, 2018 05:00

We are picky.  We definitely own that, and think it's a good quality in our business, because it means that we don't settle for second best in our products.  We research, study, reject, do over, and are willing to pay a little more for a quality detail.  Because we are level 1000 picky, we realize we are maybe not the norm, and that others may deem something slightly imperfect to be "good enough".  We're totally cool with this and are aware of it, but, we're not going to change our own standards, and won't do that for our customers.

All that being said, we will only charge full price for our 1000% good products.  If we deem something to be less than 1000%, then it's officially "scratch and dent".  We fully expect to get scratch and dent planners in our final deliveries. After we receive them, we go through a QC of every single planner over the course of several weeks in order to categorize each and every one.  Sometimes a planner will have a literal scratch or dent (due to shipping or packaging, or any number of things) but more often than that, a scratch and dent planner will have a slight printing imperfection, or a small glue spot, or something that majority of people may never notice. 

Scratch and dent is a tricky name.  When someone sees "scratch and dent", they likely expect to see a major visual mistake on the exterior of the planner, and inherently, they don't sell as well as those planners that are not labeled scratch and dent, even at a lower price point.  The truth is, these are more like "slightly imperfect" planners.  Here are a few examples of things that would make us categorize a planner as scratch and dent:

Yep, that's honestly it.  These planners are 100% functional, and a true steal as they are a fraction of the cost of the regular version.  If you're on the fence about the UPstudio Planner, try grabbing a Scratch and Dent for just $10!  Trust us, it's worth it, and bonus - both cover colors are still available!

While we do go through each and every planner before it is sent out, sometimes one may slip through the cracks and be less than perfect.  If you experience any quality issues with your UPstudio Planner, please notify us immediately.  We do our best to provide the best customer service we possibly can.