2017 UPstudio Planner Free December Month Layout Download

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Are you looking for the 2022 UPstudio Weekly Planner? Or maybe the 2021 UPstudio Monthly Planner?

It was recently pointed out to us that there is an error in the 2017 UPstudio Planner.  The 2-page December month layout is off by one day.  We want to make you aware of this, and make it right.  Please accept our sincere apologies for this error.  We pride ourselves on paying attention to detail, so this is a tough mistake for us to swallow.  In order to correct your calendar, we are offering a couple of options for a fix:

  1. You can download and cut out this corrected calendar and insert it into your planner. Simply add this free download to your cart and proceed to checkout. Once you've completed the checkout process there will be an option for you to download right then. But don't worry, you'll also receive an e-mail with instructions on how to download at a later time.
  2. You can simply mark out the dates and holidays and shift them all so that December starts on the first Friday of the layout and ends on the last Sunday. 
  3. We have developed stickers that can be placed over each page of the December month layout to create a corrected calendar for that month. If you purchase a planner today these pre-printed stickers will be included in your shipment, you will find them in the pocket located on the back of the front cover. If you have already purchased a planner and would like for us to mail these pre-printed stickers to you free of charge, simply contact us and provide us your name, quantity desired, and shipping address of where you want your stickers sent. We filmed a short video showing how easy it is to apply the stickers.

Rest assured that the remaining month layouts and week layouts are correct, as well as the mini calendars found at the margins of all layouts.  Again, we apologize for this mistake, and we appreciate your business and your support.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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