Chicken Pot Pie October 22, 2015 07:58

Let's go on a tangent today... 1. to distract us from the fact that we still don't have our planners in hand, 2. we still don't have a final release date (things out of our control, sorry), and 3. we can't start using our beautiful planner until January, ugh! 

Our tangent... Chicken Pot Pie (and The Pioneer Woman)

Have any of you guys every heard of The Pioneer Woman, real name Ree Drummond? I won't lie, I started reading her blog forever ago and really love her recipes and cool stories about her life. She gives good recipe descriptions and pictures, makes things super easy. Her blog also makes me secretly wish I lived on a ranch sometimes, other times it makes me thankful that I can get to downtown Raleigh in less than 5 minutes and to enjoy some culture and amazing restaurants. About 5 years ago, I think, she started a cooking show, which I thought I was going to love, but I really didn't. I can't put a finger on what rubbed me the wrong way, but I decided I'd just stick to her blog and cookbooks. For Christmas last year I got her first cook book, The Pioneer Woman Cooks. It is pretty similar to reading her blog because the recipes are laid out the same way and she throws in a few pictures and  stories of her family. One reason I wanted it is because it includes my favorite recipe of hers, Lasagna. It is SO GOOD, starts on page 184.

To tie in The Pioneer Woman and our story... 

It is starting to get cooler outside, which means that colds and sicknesses are on their way. Nothing makes you feel better than some warm home cooked comfort food. We met the other day to discuss some UPstudio stuff, a little under the weather and enjoyed some chicken pot pie. It was pretty amazing and comforting. The recipe is in Ree's first cookbook, starting on page 126. Chicken Pot Pie recipe and the Perfect Pie Crust recipe for your viewing pleasure. (But seriously, who has time to make a pie crust, just buy one from the store, no judgement here.)

You should check out more of her recipes, everything I've tried making so far has been amazing.

Hope you have a great end of your week and a great weekend! (Crossing our fingers that none of you come down with one of those pesky colds going around!)