Ways to Use the 2016 Typeface Calendar January 7, 2016 08:00

The 2016 Planner has overshadowed the 2016 Typeface Calendar pretty drastically. Today we are going to give the calendar its long awaited spotlight.

First, let's cover the basics:

  • This is our version of a wall calendar, but you don't necessarily have to hang them on your wall, there are many uses (which we'll discus shortly).
  • The calendar consists of 12 unbound 5" x 7" 130# cover weight pages.
  • Each month features an UPstudio original design at the top. We creatively utilize a different type in each design, hence our calendar name, 'typeface'. If you want to check out all 12 designs, we showcase them over on our Instagram account today.
  • There is then a single line for each day of the month (labeled by the day of the week and the date) for you to use however you'd like.
  • The back is black with our logo at the bottom in white. The back can be seen in the feature image on the product page.

So, hopefully you have a visual now. As a tangent, one thing we have learned is a definite struggle of having primarily only a website presence is that people want to touch and feel your product prior to purchasing, and have some familiarity with it. We hope that by being extremely descriptive you can experience our products enough to want one for yourself! That being said, please let us know if after reading about a product you are still left with questions.

We've had many people ask us what they could use our calendar for. Ask and you shall receive - here are a handful of ideas (but don't let this list limit you):

Post your UPstudio calendar at home or work to keep track of eventsYou can use it as a wall calendar. I (Mary Beth) have it on my fridge to keep track of household things: when the recycling is coming, when we need to change the filters, birthdays, anniversaries, family events, heartworm for Bauer, etc. Anything and everything our whole household needs to remember. You can use it for the same thing at your desk at work to keep track of big meetings or events.

Use your UPstudio Calendar in a PresentYou can stick it in a present in lieu of or in addition to a card. Here I stuck it in a baby shower gift and labeled the due date for the mom to be. This could work for any gift giving event. 

You can send our calendar as a cardSimilarly you can stick it in the mail for any special occasion. Use it as a birthday card, anniversary card, congratulations, etc.


You could also use our calendar to track any type of goal or data:


  • Let your children use it to track amount of time spent reading each day
  • Track the length of your runs, or the amount of time you exercised
  • Use it to track your calorie intake, your weight, or Weight Watchers points
  • Use it as a countdown calendar to a big event
  • Use it to write down a memory a day while you're pregnant, or after you give birth as a keepsake
  • Track big events in your babies first year like when they smile or roll over for the first time
  • Use it to meal plan for the upcoming month

Limitless, seriously limitless...

What are your fun ideas? How do you plan to utilize your UPstudio 2016 Typeface Calendar?