Our First Video!! January 18, 2016 08:00

Before the super fun stuff, lets start with a few announcements...

  1. We are excited to announce that we will be doing a pop-up at the Southpoint West Elm on Saturday, January 30th from 12-5. Pencil us into your planner! Click here for specific location in the mall.
  2. We finally figured out the best way to deliver our blog posts straight to your e-mail. Click here if you'd like to try it out. Long story short, this took some time and elbow grease (and tons of forum reading), enjoy!
  3. Planners and Calendars are 20% off!!


When we started UPstudio with the goal of designing the perfect planner, we didn't realize what all we were getting ourselves into, in a good way. We have had to wear many different hats and we have learned SO much. 

Last week we tried on the videographer hat and decided to make a feature video for our 2016 Planner. Who knew there was something better than 1080p? We do now, hello 4K.

Our main goal with this video is to reach the more visual customer. Those people will skip over the description of our planner and just look at the pictures (they've skipped all this explanation and have already watched the video... haha). Without reading our planner description one would miss key features that set the planner apart that can't be captured in photos. Examples: the double sided folder, the 5 pages of graph paper at the end of each month, etc. So, by watching us flip through the planner, you can see it all. You can pause on each page and zoom in if you'd like. (Please zoom in, we filmed it in 4K just so that the text would be crisp enough for up close and personal viewing.)

This is our first attempt at creating a video, so be gentle with your comments...


Here are some funny behind the scenes pictures for your viewing pleasure.. (and yes, this is some double gorilla tripod action #macgyver)

UPstudio Video Behind the Scenes  UPstudio Video Behind the Scenes   UPstudio Behind the Scenes