FTD Free Downloadable Calendar September 8, 2016 05:00

Flowers are my go-to gift.  No matter if you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or thanking a hostess, flowers can always make a person smile.  When sending flowers, I typically order online, pick out the arrangement that I think the recipient would like best, and that's that.  Who knew that a lot of these companies actually have more than just flowers and gifts on their website?  FTD recently reached out to us about their printable calendars, and we were surprised to learn that they not only have printables, but a blog too!  We dug around and found these fun posts about rainbow tulips and rainbow roses.  Seriously, how cool are these roses?!

The calendar is also right up our alley.  We love that there are options on styles, and the bright colors are fun, especially as summer is winding down and cooler temperatures will soon set in.  Here is how FTD describes them:

"It’s never too late to start fresh and to revamp your calendar for the rest of the year. To help you stay organized in style, FTD created these printable calendars inspired by vintage floral prints. Featuring beautiful blooms like peonies, poppies, and tulips, these calendars are a colorful and fun way to help you plan. Choose from either a foldable desktop size that can sit upright, or a larger wall size that you can hang up. These calendars will be sure to add a pop of color and inspiration to your workspace!"

We love that September even features succulents!

What month is your favorite design?  Oh, and if you want to send us flowers, we won't turn them down (hint hint!)