Inspiration: Sticky Pad - Dots June 23, 2016 08:00

In our "Where do you find inspiration?" post a few weeks back we shared briefly about how we develop products, from inspiration to final design.

The very first step is making a list (in our lives, it is the first step to everything, not just product development). Our love of lists easily turned into wanting to develop a notepad. You don't always have your planner or phone handy to scribble things down on/in. Sometimes you just want an old fashion pencil and pad. 

But there are so many notepads in the world, how could we possibly make something that is different and original?

So we brainstormed. Our initial thoughts:

  • We want it small enough for a sheet to fit inside the UPstudio planner but large enough to really have space to write decent size lists (those standard size post-its kill us, our line items on a list are longer than 2 words).
  • We at UPstudio are in LOVE with graph paper! It is the most versatile thing out there. If you make the lines fine/light enough they just serve as a guide and don't obstruct your list or sketch.
  • We wanted it to not just be completely blank or completely graph paper, wanted a little flavor (FLAVA FLAV!)
  • We wanted them to be affordable, so researching the most economical version of what we wanted was key.

We took our initial thoughts and started searching our everyday lives for inspiration. We finally found it in bullet journals and an Instagram post from Mr. Bobby Bones.

Inspiration for Sticky Pad Dots UPstudio

The layout of a bullet journal is very similar to graph paper. You essentially place a dot at each intersection of your graph and then remove the lines. What you are left with looks eerily like a game of Dots and Boxes, that game you played forever in 4th grade (if you're feeling a little nostalgic click here or here to play online). That way we'd still get the graph paper affect with a little switch up.

So then came the flavor... 


Bobby Bones is a radio personality. In Raleigh you can hear him and his friends on 93.9 (a country station). They are based out of Nashville. If you want to give the show a listen they are on iHeartRADIO. We came across this tweet via Bobby's Instagram and the last part stuck with us. Cutting yourself slack when it comes to not completing your long to do lists is key, "there is always tomorrow." 

Voilà.... Sticky Pad - Dots

We were really on the fence regarding if we wanted sticky or not sticky pads. There are pros to both. We printed our sample pads for ourselves to try, they were obviously not sticky. But if while trying them we thought, "I wish this was sticky" then we'd know. After trying them we were still on the fence, so we polled you all via Instagram and our Newsletter and the sticky option won by a landslide. Sticky it is!

Through conversations with our printer we determined in order to get sticky notes at the quantity we felt comfortable ordering to be in our price range (because they cost more than double non-sticky) we had to meet certain criteria. Everything revolved around size, bleeds, and printing color. 4x6 was a standard size that fit our criteria, we didn't have full bleeds, and since our design was only black, everything worked out perfectly!

We have loved them so far. No regrets on going sticky. We both use them everyday and would highly recommend snagging a few for yourself!