UPstudio Blog 2016 Year In Review January 19, 2017 05:00

Looking back at our blog history, our first blog post was July 27th, 2015, when we launched our website. We've posted every Thursday since then (with a few extras thrown in here and there). We have written a total of 86 blog posts so far.

2016 was our first full year of blogging. We've definitely increased our audience this year:

UPstudio - 2016 Pageview Growth

The two main features on the UPstudio website are our shop and our blog. In 2016 our shop pulled in a whopping 19,660 views with our blog coming in second with 13,990 total views.

Our top ten viewed blog posts in 2016 according to Google Analytics:

  1. What is Bullet Journaling? (1,738 views)
  2. Dress Your Tech (520 views)
  3. Lessons Learned: UPS Mailbox vs PO Box (272 views)
  4. Lessons Learned: Shopify Blog Images Not Showing Up in E-mail Subscriptions (205 views)
  5. Planning a Planner v 2017, Part I (190 views)
  6. FTD Free Downloadable Calendar (182 views)
  7. Lessons Learned: Free Shopify Apps to Install (161 views)
  8. August Bullet Journal Collections (98 views)
  9. Bullet Journaling and the UPstudio Planner (98 views)
  10. Pre-order a 2017 UPstudio Planner Today (96 views)

So, the clear run away was bullet journaling taking the top viewed spot by a landslide and making the list two additional times. Our Lessons Learned series and the UPstudio Planner each made the list three times, and digital downloads took second and sixth place.

Take aways are: You enjoy bullet journaling, reading about things we've learned along our small business journey, free digital downloads, and the UPstudio Planner. So, we'll make sure we keep those topics in our rotation. Is there anything else you would like to read about this coming year? 

UPstudio - Top Ten Blog Posts in 2016