2017 UPstudio Planner Feedback March 23, 2017 05:00

We are almost three months into 2017. Which means three months into our 2017 UPstudio Planner. How is it going so far for you? 

We feel like the 2017 version is leaps and bounds above the inaugural UPstudio Planner in 2016 however there is still and will always be room for improvement. Believe it or not, we are already working on the 2018 version, discussing between the two of us and soliciting input from others regarding where we should target our growth for 2018. Taking note of items that need to be tweaked, things that need to be completely reworked, and potential new options we want to explore.

We appreciate your reviews and e-mails regarding areas of improvement and directions you would like to see the UPstudio Planner take. Please keep them coming! We also encourage you to share your comments on this blog post as well by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom. 

Here is a recently published youtube review by Tara from Earn Spend Live to help get the gears turning:

If you are viewing this post via our e-mail subscription, click here to check out the video.

Some additional questions to help spur conversation:

  • Do you like that the week layouts start on Monday, or would you prefer a Sunday start?
  • Currently the monthly layout week runs Sunday through Saturday. Many have shared that they don't like the inconsistency between the month layout and the weekly Monday start. Do you agree? 
  • Would you like an academic calendar option?
  • Is the overall planner the right size for you, would you like different sizes?
  • Would you like a thinner only monthly version with graph paper at the end?
  • Do you think you'll have enough graph paper for the year? 
  • Would you like a different color cover? If so, what color? Red? Satchel/Tan?
  • Do you find that you use the subtly ticks we added for the times? If you don't, do you find they are distracting from how you use the top large section?
  • Do you think three subdivided sections is the right amount? Do you want more or less?
  • Do you like the quality and thickness of the paper? Do you have any bleed through issues?
  • Do you like the folders? We personally feel like they need to be more durable, do you agree?
  • Do you use the page markers? Is two the right amount?
  • Do you think any of the spacing needs to be adjusted? Areas with too much or too little space?
  • Did you find any errors? 

We look forward to hearing your thoughts however you feel comfortable sharing them with us!