2018 UPstudio Planner Cover Color Poll April 13, 2017 05:00

Did the color of the UPstudio Planner play a part in whether or not you purchased one? 

The 2017 UPstudio Planner was the first year that we chose to have a leather cover. Due to the fact that we are a young, small company with a limited budget we could only provide one color option. We chose gray because we felt it was gender neutral and personally we are both avid gray fans.

We've heard a lot of good feedback regarding the gray, but also some requests for other colors. That being said we are hopefully to offer two options for the 2018 UPstudio Planner and we'd love your input. We plan to still have the same binding type and for the cover to still be leather. 

We've created a poll with our top four choices below. We'd love for you to vote for your favorite. 

Is there a specific color you'd love that isn't on our list? Comment on this post or contact us to share your thoughts.

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If you had to choose, what cover color would be your top choice?
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