August Bullet Journal Collections September 15, 2016 05:00

In the last blog post focusing on bullet journaling we gave you a brief introduction and pointed you to some great resources regarding what bullet journaling is and how it might be perfect for your life. So, head back for a refresher.

On the bullet journal website there are great free starter guides that you can stick in your journal as a reference as you get started to help you create some consistency. But the beauty of bullet journaling is the versatility and flexibility to adapt the system to what works for you. 

Every page in your bullet journal is referred to as a collection (of which you index). Today I wanted to share some of the collections I created in August to help you visualize the system and for inspiration. (For quick reference: If you're using the UPstudio Arrow Journal for your bullet journal system each page is 44 spaces by 28 spaces when you're dividing up your layout.)

Birthday List

I am super bad at remembering birthdays so I decided to start gathering them together (from phone contacts, planner, outlook calendar, husband's brain, etc) and make a master list. Don't worry if you haven't made the cut yet, it is a work in progress!

UPstudio - Bullet Journal - Birthday List

Habit Tracker

I've been trying to hold myself more accountable to things I'd like to do more regularly, to try and create better habits. I thought a visual representation of some of those things might help to motivate me.

UPstudio - Bullet Journal - Habit Tracker

Daily To-Do Lists

I'm a list maker, that is for sure! I tried a new layout one week for my rapid daily logging. A little more appealing to the eye when compared to my average week, I think I like it. Pretty and still 100% functional.

UPstudio - Bullet Journal - Weekly To- Do List for Daily Rapid Logging

Have you started using the bullet journal system (or been at it awhile)? If so, we'd love to see some of your collections. Comment on this post with a link for us (and our readers) to check them out. Looking for ideas to try in September!